Tonight’s the Night!

No. Not that kind of night. Although – this song and Rod Stewart always kind of turned me on. Nowadays, the song doesn’t have quite as much appeal. Omg, in fact, now he reminds me of the kind of guy who talks about how great it’s going to be and then it turns out he’s got a pre-planned routine, already choreographed. You’re just supposed to supply the moans at the right point. And the appreciation after.

Ewww. That certainly went places I didn’t intend. Anyhow. That’s not the kind of night I meant.

Tonight is Willie Nelson night! I’m super excited. Even though I have nothing to wear. Well, nothing cute for a concert. Sigh. How did I get so old? I’m ready to break out of this nonsense too. This year I’m changing my style. Not all my clothes will come from Target or Macy’s anymore.

And once again, I digress. Willie. It’s all about Willie.

MP has been careful to warn me that this is no longer the Willie of my youth. That just made me laugh, cause I’m not the me of my youth either.

MP said, “Well, you know, he’s not gonna look the way you remember him.” And I just laughed, I said, “Really? I just want him to stay alive ’til Tuesday night!”

But here we are, Tuesday night, and he made it. “On the Road Again,” might be my favorite Willie song. It plays in my head every time I travel. Every damn time since the ’70s.

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