I Love a Good Sex Quiz

I found it on Facebook (of course, because Facebook is my life) and took the quiz because I really do enjoy answering questions and then getting some kind of response. Yes, classify me, quantify my urges, tell me if I’m normal or truly on the edge…

So I took the quiz, which was going to tell me what my Erotic Blueprint was! Doesn’t that sound interesting? And here are the results: (drum roll, please…)



I know! Who knew? 🤣😂

Actually, I am not just kinky, which they define as “turned on by the taboo and power play,” I am also:

  • Energetic:
    • Turned on by space, tease, and anticipation.
  • Sensual:
    • Turned on by comfort, relaxation and all the senses ignited.
  • Sexual:
    • Turned on by nudity and flat-out sexual intercourse.
  • Shapeshifter:
    • Turned on by all of the above.

To different extents, of course. They gave me a score with percentages, but I can’t find it again. I was 29% kinky, I remember that, and 20% energetic, and then the last three scores were in the teens. Sounds about right to me.

I also got a 5 minute video explaining what it means to be kinky. Which, I guess, would have been good if I hadn’t already known that.

Anyhow, you, too, can play if you like. Just click here to take the quiz. Enjoy!

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