A Day for Quotes?

I have barely started the next installment of Sofia and Lucas, and have worked hard all day. Almost 8 o’clock and I’m about ready for bed. {I know, I’m a good time.} So I thought I’d just snatch up a few quotes, lay them down here, and be on my way.

But no. That was not going to happen. Nope.

I went to my usual site on Goodreads, searched Bdsm quotes, and instead of being turned on, I was bored. Yep. I don’t quite know why, but there it is.

So now I’m thrown back on my own devices.

“He comes up behind me, and I know better than to move or acknowledge that he’s there. Hands in the dishwater, I leave them there. I’ve been told to was the dishes mindfully, so I’m trying to do just that. I don’t know why he’s come up behind me anyhow, but I can feel the heat of his breath on my neck and the electric energy almost sparking between us.

I feel his hands lifting my skirt and I know I’m not going to win this one, whatever “winning” would mean. I stop moving my hands, there’s no way I can mindfully wash anything at the moment. My skirt raised up around my waist and tucked into the waistband, bare ass exposed, and I blush. Who wouldn’t?

His voice is low, gentle but firm. “Open your legs,” he says, “Wider.” My heart beats faster, I hold back the smile, keeping the secret hope that now he’s going to touch me. Touch me and fuck me maybe, satisfy this aching desire.

His hand slides between my legs, parts the lips, dips a finger into the hot, moist center of me and I swallow a moan. So good, it feels so good, if only he would…

“Good girl,” he says, finger withdrawn, “Nice and hot. Stay just like that. Open and ready. And keep your focus on those dishes now,” and he walks away.

Fucking walks away.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Doesn’t matter, he’s gone and in another few minutes someone else will come by to check on me.”

Well, hmpf. I didn’t even know that story was there… just waiting to be told.

8 thoughts on “A Day for Quotes?

  1. Yeah… I’d hate to admit the sheer size of the number of times I’ve gone in search of porn/arousal and ended up bored to tears. (I’m pretty sure “blah, blah, blah” isn’t the response people hope to elicit…)

    She Who Frequently Fails Emotion

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