Moving, moving…

I heard that title in my head and for some reason (now unbeknownst to me) it reminded me of the theme song from Bonanza. That led me down a rabbit hole – I had to find the song, and then the song with the lyrics. Which are so bad and reflect the patriarchy and manifest destiny at its finest. But it made me laugh. We used to watch it when we were kids, with my Mom, who loved it. I realize now that Lorne Greene was pretty hot for an old guy, and my sister had a huge crush on Little Joe. I think I might have been drawn to Adam, who was a bit of a bad boy maybe, or as bad as those guys got.

Anyhow. That led me to a bunch of other equally bad songs, which I will spare you.

My day has slipped by like water through my fingers. I did get some stuff done, and saw a few clients, so it wasn’t wasted time. It just goes too fast. And I still need to get the house ready for our cleaning person tomorrow, and I have not gotten any movement in. But –

I ordered a screen for my office – a standing 3-panel screen that I can use to block my space off. I can’t tell you how excited I am about that. It won’t be here til the 27th, but at least I know it’s coming. We’ll see how that goes…

So I’ll leave you with another song from my misspent youth – Me and Bobby McGee. It’s the Janis Joplin version, although I love Kris Kristopherson doing it too. It always makes me think that Janis really had country roots. And it always makes me want to leave town. Yep, still does…

Bonus: here’s my guy Kris, who actually wrote it (I think.) Either way, makes me wanna leave town. Just feels different…

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to do…

32 thoughts on “Moving, moving…

  1. Both versions are great but I’m a fan of anything Janice sang she sounded like she was giving everything she had ..yes he wrote it. You can’t go wrong with either one .good call a classic.

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  2. “Movin’ Movin’ Movin” were the open words to the Rawhide theme song. I always preferred Rawhide to Bonanza. The theme to Bonanza had those surfer dude guitar riffs which were cool too. They did a parody of Bonanza on The Flintstones with the Paleolithic cowpunchers riding in on dinosaurs. Lorne Greene was Canadian and Jewish, but he nailed WASP patriarch.

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  3. Hi Olivia,

    Wow, blasts from the past lol. I don’t recall very much of Bonanza, but definitely recall the song and yes, I believe Kris did write Bobby Mcgee.

    Sounds like you did make some good progress today and yay on the screen 🙂


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