Connections – Part II {12}

Lucas let Sofia grab her folder, and then led her out into the hallway. Still holding her hand, he stopped, turned toward her. With his other hand, he touched her cheek, turned her face up toward him. “Are you hungry?” he asked.

She laughed – she had not been expecting that question. “Not for food,” she said.

He smiled. “Let’s go upstairs.”

They didn’t even wait for the elevator, he led her into the stairwell and up the two flights of stairs. She began to wonder if he planned to strip her clothes off and take her on the living room floor, there was such a sense of urgency and passion.

But once they were in the apartment, he slowed the pace.

He pulled out a chair from around table, and sat, positioning her standing in front of him. “Do you want the bathroom before we start?’ he asked.

“Yes, please,” she said, feeling a bit shaky again.

He shook his head, “Yes, please, what?”

“Sir!” she said, “Yes, please, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.” She felt herself flushing, this was not a game, not now.

“Kneel,” he said.

Shaking a bit, she knelt at his feet.

“Settle into position,” he said.

Without any thought, she rocked back on her heels, opened her knees a bit, placed her hands palms up on her thighs.

“This apartment is Dominant space,” he said, “With the exception of the second bedroom. For now, that is a neutral space, maybe not quite vanilla, but not immediately Dominant. In the rest of this apartment, you are submissive to me. You will address me as ‘Sir’ or ‘Master Lucas.’ Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” Sofia’s eyes were downcast, as she’d been taught, but “Eyes on me,” he said and she met his gaze. “Do you agree? Agree to submit to my control in this space tonight, to obey me and serve me?”

“Yes, Sir,” Sofia said. Her voice trembled, but she was sure of this. She wanted to submit to this man.

He nodded. “You may go to the bathroom. Remove your underwear while you’re there, and bring them to me, please.”

Sofia stood, with just a bit of effort. I should have practiced kneeling,” she thought. “Yes, Sir.”

But she smiled once she was in the bathroom, taking off underwear, neatly folding them. Cleaning herself carefully with wipes. Lotion on her hands. And then –

Master Lucas had moved to the armchair in the living area. There was a low kneeling bench in front of him, which would allow her to relieve the pressure on her knees and maintain position more easily. She was touched by his thoughtfulness, and felt a wave of affection and appreciation.

But he had her remain standing as he held out a hand, “Underwear, please,” he said. She handed them to him, half bowing as she did. She felt a bit awkward about having done that, but he nodded.

“You have good instincts,” he said. “I like that gesture of submission, the half bow. If your hands are empty, you may clasp them in front of you. Show me how you would do that.”

Obediently, Sofia brought her hands together in front of her and bowed from the waist. She felt a bit like the pictures she had seen of Japanese geisha girls, and wondered if this was cultural appropriation. But as he nodded his approval again, she decided she didn’t care. The gesture felt right.

Sofia thought he would have her kneel next, but instead he said, “There are so many ways to start, and we may experiment with some of them. But when we’re in the apartment, you will immediately remove your underwear and bring them to me. I want you accessible at all times. Of course you would also remove tights or leggings or anything that covers you while you’re here. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, thinking, omg, he makes me so frigging hot.

“You know that at any time, you can slow things down by saying “yellow,” or bring them to a stop with “red,” right?” She nodded, “Yes, Sir.”

“Then we’ll start with a spanking. This will be part of our routine for a while, panties off, over my knee for a spanking, just to set the tone, to establish your mindset.” As he said that, he gestured to her to lay across his lap.

Heart pounding, Sofia stood, moved into place. omg, this was finally going to happen. She always felt uncomfortable getting into position, awkward and ungainly. But Lucas directed her movements so that she was quickly upended, her skirt raised, ass exposed.

His hand caressed her ass cheeks, moved to the inside of her thighs, spreading her legs a bit. She whimpered. His hands between her legs, he parted the lips, explored the wet slickness until he found the hard, tight button of her clit. He stroked it gently with his thumb and a shudder ran through her body.

She would have ground her self against him, but he removed his hand, and brought it down on her ass with a firm smack. He rubbed where he had smacked, and then smacked again. And again.

She quickly fell into the rhythm, rub and smack, rub and smack. It stung a bit, but it was not intended to go beyond pleasure. Her ass raised a bit, offering, inviting more. He responded.

Now his hand fell on the same spot, right cheek, near the intersection of the thigh, right on the sit spot. Over and over, until that one spot was stinging, burning – and then he stopped.

She whimpered. She had been squirming silently, only little gasps escaping her, now she whimpered and wiggled. All her attention had been focused on that spot, but now she felt her pussy throbbing, longing for contact.

She was relieved when he started again, and part of her mind laughed at herself for that, but she was quickly lost in sensation as he repeated the process on the other cheek. He was not hitting her hard, or even fast, but his hand landed in the same place over and over and quickly became intense. She wanted him to stop and she never wanted it to end.

He did stop, and then he rubbed, both places on her ass. “Warm” he said. “Nice. That’s a bit of warm-up, just to get us started.” But he didn’t let her up. “What do you say?” he asked.

For a minute, Sofia’s mind was completely blank. He must have realized it, because, “Thank you, Sir” he said. “That’s what you say.”

She couldn’t tell if he was amused or not, but she quickly replied, “Oh, thank you, Sir! Of course, thank you, Sir,” and wished he would let her up.

Instead, his hand slid between her legs again. “Wet,” he said. “Look how wet you are. His fingers slid back and forth over her clit and she began to move her hips, but “No,” he said and stopped.

She whimpered.

He smacked her ass, five times, and stopped. His hand returned to her pussy. Circled the entrance, exploring the outer edges.

“Please,” she said.

“Please what?”

“Please touch me, Sir.”

“I am touching you.” His finger continued to circle, not touching her clit, not penetrating her. “What do you want?”

Her breath was ragged. “More, please, Sir.”

And he started spanking again. Five more licks. “Like that?” he asked.

She could feel his amusement, toying with me, she thought. And almost laughed, except she wanted him to touch her so badly.

“No, Sir” she said, and then realized that was a bad idea. Just as she said, “I mean, yes, Sir,” he began spanking again, and she added, “Yes, Sir, if that’s how you want to touch me.”

Just as she was settling into the spanking, he stopped, moved his hand between her legs. “Please, Sir,” she said, “Please touch me.”

“Touch you how?” he asked, fingers circling again.

She bit her lip, she hated asking, hated it. “Please, touch me, you know, inside me, please.”

As quickly as she said it, he penetrated her, two fingers sliding in easily, his hand turned so his thumb rested on her clit. She moaned, wriggled her hips, impaling herself more deeply. He allowed that but just for a moment. Fingers withdrawn, he slapped her ass again. Again.

Then he stopped. Rubbed. Soothed.

“I’m going to stop,” he said. “I’m going to let you up. I want you to take your clothes off. When you’re completely undressed, I’m going to inspect you. Before the inspection,I’ll let you sit at my feet and take a few minutes to talk about what we’re doing.

But Sofia’s brain had frozen when he said ‘completely undressed’ and ‘inspect you.’ What was she even doing here, she wondered. Had she lost her mind? And even while she questioned, she knew she would do it, knew she would do whatever he said.

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