Connections – Part II {11}

Lucas saw that Sofia was comfortably seated in the first workshop, Negotiating Hard Limits, and headed on to his meeting. The presenters were a young couple who seemed to have more enthusiasm than experience. Since Lucas had asked Sofia for feedback on their presentation, she kept copious notes on the material they used and the examples they shared. Overall, she noted, their information was accurate, and she wondered if it would have helped to name some of the resources they’d used, or refer to them briefly.

The time passed quickly, and as she moved to the second workshop, Sofia grabbed a bottle of water. So far, she had not seen anyone she’d met at the play party and she was starting to feel a bit out of place. She stopped off in the restroom, and by the time she found the second room, the presentation was about to start. She settled herself in the back row

The Joy of Submission, as the class was called, turned out to be a rollicking fun presentation by an older couple, who shared their experiences, told stories, and engaged the audience throughout it all. They invited people to join them on stage and asked fairly probing questions, skillfully unveiling many of the D/s dynamics through the conversations.

Sofia laughed often and, at times, nodded ruefully. They were right, she thought, any ‘joy” connected with submission was also connected with pain. And service.

She started thinking about how this might apply to her and Lucas “If,” she thought quickly, “IF we even have a relationship beyond tonight.”.

Lost in her own thoughts, she didn’t notice that the presenters, Sir Paul and Dee, were talking to her. Jerked back to the present, she heard Dee say, “We don’t want to neglect the folks in the back row, come on up a minute and share your wisdom.” Sofia realized the woman was looking directly at her.

Uncertain, she raised her eyebrows questioningly, pointed to herself and mouthed, “Me?” Several people laughed but, “Yes, you!” said Sir Paul, good natured but firm, gesturing for her to come forward.

Obediently (after all, she thought, I am a submissive girl) she made her way to the front of the room.

“Stand right here,” he said. She had watched other people come up to answer questions, but it felt much more daunting to stand here herself. “I am a competent, mature woman,” she thought, but “Turn,” he said, “Face the room, please.”

Sofia did, turning toward the room full of strange faces.

“Good girl,” Sir Paul said – and she smiled. Then she was embarrassed and looked away, tried to take the smile back, but it was too late.

“THAT!” He said. “That’s what we’re talking about. Submissives love to please. Not because they’re looking for some reward, not because they think they’ll get something out of it. It is intrinsically what they want to do. What is your name?”

At that moment, Sofia spotted Lucas, standing in the back of the room. Her mouth immediately got so dry she could barely speak. She managed to say, “Sofia,” but wished she could disappear. How long had he been there? Would he think she had volunteered to come up here?

Dee handed her a fresh bottle of water, and she was able to open it and take a drink, trying to pay attention to what Sir Paul was saying. “I”m going to put you on the spot,” he went on. “What kind of service do you like to provide your Sir?”

A little surprised at the question, she glanced at Sir Paul and said, “Well, it depends, I mean, whatever service he wants from me, of course!”

“YES!” Sir Paul exclaimed. “Nine out of ten submissives will answer that question the exact, same way.” The audience laughed, acknowledging the truth of that. Sofia could feel herself blushing a bit, but “it is true,” she thought, “and if he wants to know about submission, I can tell him. I can definitely do that.”

Sir Paul’s next question went deeper. “Can you tell us what it’s like for you when you’ve provided service? What does that feel like?”

Sofia smiled. The anxiety that had flooded her for a minute was receding, and she felt calm and more confident. Good grief, she could talk about her feelings – that was not a problem for her! And – she looked at Lucas, still standing in the back, watching her. He looked interested, curious. And kind, she thought. Ok, here we go.

She closed her eyes for a second, remembering the feel of serving her Sir. When she opened them, she spoke directly to Lucas.

“When I’ve served my Dom, whether it was with a foot massage, a cup of tea, or pleasing him with my mouth,” Sofia’s lips turned up, half-smiling, “Then I feel a real sense of joy.” She paused, looking away for a second, then back. “It’s satisfying on a level that few things are. As if it touches my soul. I become more open, more receptive, and want to offer more.”

She heard murmurs of agreement from the audience, a smattering of applause, and she smiled. Lucas had started walking toward her, but paused, and Sir Paul stepped forward, gestured to him. “Are you Sofia’s Sir? Come on up, come share your experience as a Dom, if you will.”

Sofia blushed, she knew she was blushing and hated it, but then Lucas was on stage with her and she was suddenly more aware of him than herself.

Dee was chatting with the audience, while Lucas and Sir Paul shook hands, murmuring to each others as Doms do when they meet. Sofia was trying to listen to Dee but wondering how Lucas would react to whatever Sir Paul was going to ask him.

Sir Paul took center stage again, “Let me introduce Master Lucas, I gather he needs no introduction to most of you, so I’ll just say he’s known for his skills with Shibari and is one of the founders of the club here.” Light applause from the watchers, and Sofia glanced at him. She had not realized he was a founder of the club. Not that it matters, she thought, but it reminded her how much she didn’t know about him.

Sir Paul went on, “Master Lucas, we’ve heard Sofia describe how she feels when she provides service in her role as a sub. Can you speak to what it’s like from the Dominant side – what it’s like to receive service from your submissive”

Lucas smiled, and Sofia noticed how relaxed and in control he seemed. “Of course,” he said. “As Master, I receive service on two levels. I can enjoy what my submissive is doing, whether it’s – whether she’s making me a cup of tea, massaging my feet, or kneeling at my feet for cock worship,” He glanced at Sofia as she caught her breath. She felt a flood of desire sweep over her and trembled.

“At the same time that I’m taking what she offers, and enjoying it, I am observing her, deciding what control I’m going to exert to make sure we are moving forward the way I want us to.” His tone was very matter of fact, almost casual. “For example, is she able to stay present and focus on my pleasure? Is she distracted? Is her effort at a level that should be rewarded? Does she need to develop her skills, increase her attentiveness? Is some correction necessary?”

Sofia’s heart was beating so hard she was sure he could hear it. She had an image of herself, at his feet, his cock in her mouth, learning how to please him. She felt as if he had stripped her naked in front of this audience. But he went on.

“Being submissive is a calling,” he said. “It’s not to be taken lightly. As a Master, I make sure that my submissive has a solid framework of structure and discipline around her. I encourage her to fully develop her expression of submissiveness, as much as she’s capable of. My role is to receive what she offers, to guide her, and to control her. That means controlling her rewards and providing punishment. Challenging her to grow. It also means giving her a place she can rest and be completely who she is.”

The audience started to clap, but he raised a hand to stop them. “And it means accepting service. Sir Paul asked me how it felt to be on the Dominant end of this.” He grinned. “It feels fantastic.”

The applause broke out then, He took Sofia’s hand, turned to Sir Paul and Dee. “Thanks so much,” he said, “I’m taking her now. We have work to do.”

And he led her off the stage.

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  1. Oh, how I love this, Olivia! Their answers speak to me so deeply – I am driving to meet my Sir this morning, and looking forward to that sense of peace and joy I have been solely focused on him.

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