Another Sunday…and Get Ready for Cookies!!

Another Sunday and I had plans for it. I was going to the coffee shop and going to use my fancy planner to plan my week next week. (My planner is so fancy, I had to buy wite-out so I could clean it up when I make mistakes on my schedule.)

But instead, I’ve decided to prioritize decorating the Christmas tree. I’m afraid if we don’t, the kids will realize around bedtime tonight that we didn’t do it this weekend and be all disappointed and sad. Since I’m the only adult in the house who actually cares about the tree, it’s up to me to prevent that. Sigh. Sometimes being a grown-up is not really easy.

Now that I’ve made my mind up to do that, I’m looking forward to it. Once I get the lights on anyhow. In the afternoon, I’m going shopping with MP to help him pick out Christmas presents for his kids and grandkids, so that will be fun.

In semi-kinky related thoughts, on Facebook today, a friend of mine had a mini rant about some couple she saw crossing the street. The man had stepped in front of the woman to keep her from crossing the street until he had looked both ways for her – or for them both, I guess. My friend thought it was kind of gross, and I kind of did too, particularly since the woman trying to cross the street looked annoyed too.

But then someone commented that maybe the woman had dementia. While I didn’t think that was likely, I thought, well, maybe when they were going into the store, she wasn’t paying attention and almost got hit by a car. I’ve actually had that happen before and then the guy I’m with acts like I don’t know how to cross the street by myself and makes a big show of looking both ways for me. (Yes, that might have happened more than once. Stop it, I do too know how to cross the street!)

But then I thought, Oh, maybe she’s a Little and he’s her Daddy Dom and so of course he’s looking before she can cross the street! And if he notices she’s looking annoyed about it, she’s going to be in so much trouble when they gets home! That made me laugh.

Also, tomorrow is the last day to comment here to let Jz know that you’re participating in the:

The Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza!

THE DAY is Tuesday, the 10th, in honor of it being the 10th anniversary of the exchange. Hope you’re playing!! Come check out my recipe of the year – which is always quick and easy. Last year, it was also healthy, and will be this year too.

All of which is also to say that it may be a while before I have time to add to Connections. But I will.

Finally, I had bizarre dreams last night too, these involved mice rather than rats, which I guess is progress, but sheesh. And it ended with some young man looking at me intently and asking, “Well, do you have a lawyer?” Um, no, I did not have a lawyer, and couldn’t afford to get one either, not in the dream, and not in real life. So here’s hoping the dream doesn’t come true!

4 thoughts on “Another Sunday…and Get Ready for Cookies!!

  1. Hey – you’ve got kids in the house – doing the tree just means you have your priorities straight!
    Mine’s up, too, despite my child-free existence. 😀
    Lights on and everything.


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  2. No kids here either, but I put the tree and other decorations up yesterday. Looking forward to reading all the yummy recipes:)

    Interesting rant from your friend. Maybe they do have some kind of power dynamic, or maybe not if she was annoyed by it.

    Can’t wait to read more of the story 🙂


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    • Yay for decorating! I’m glad to be done with that part of it anyhow.

      And yeah, you never know when you’ve stumbled onto a bit of kink out in the world. Although, maybe not. I had a friend who was dating someone who used to put her seatbelt on for her. She thought it was kind of romantic, I thought it was maybe like a Dom, turned out he was just a controlling jerk and it only took him a couple of months before he became actually physically abusive.

      Thanks for encouragement on the story! Hoping to do it soon….


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