Miscellany 12-1 & Cookies!!

Coming December 10th
Ten-Year Anniversary (!!!) of…
The Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza!

To participate in the cookie exchange (which includes cookies, candies, beverages, and other festive treats), just leave a comment on Jz’s blog post here. I’m looking forward to seeing your Holiday Yumminess!! (Also, they don’t need to be fancy. Simple recipes are best for some of us…)

Sunday is a home day for me, often. I had plans to go to the coffee shop and get my nails done and such, but I think I’m staying home all cozy instead. It’s raining now. I might make some vegetable soup – that sounds yummy, doesn’t it? I won’t post recipes of soup though, this is not that kind of blog!

I was thinking about the lottery today, as I do with some regularity. (If you’ve been here much, I’m pretty sure you already knew that I have a complex relationship with the lottery.) So, I haven’t bought a ticket in a week or two, but I still have about 8 unchecked tickets in my purse. And it occurs to me that when I carry them around unchecked, it’s like carrying around a pocket full of possibility. Apparently, I would just as soon do that as check to see if I’ve actually won. And I guess that’s ok. The Power of Possibility in my Pocket.

I have a podcast I need want to listen to today. I think I’m going to re-read some of the Cherise Sinclair books too, they are so much fun. And write some more Sofia and Lucas. It’s the kind of day that makes me wish I had an office to escape to. If I had an office, I would have a window with a seat I could curl up in and read. Nobody would interupt me. It would be lovely – not all the time, but oooooh, I’d give a lot for a little bit of it.

2 thoughts on “Miscellany 12-1 & Cookies!!

    • Thanks, Roz, I did have a relaxing day! Hope your Sunday was good too.

      Yes, a window seat – and really, I’ve always wanted a room in a turret, so if we’re going to dream, maybe I can make it a nice round turret with a window seat!

      Oh, I’ll check them. i just let them build up a while. Otherwise, they would expire, and that would be bad!!



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