Love Our Lurkers (Full Version)

Thank you, Hermione!!

For continuing this tradition. I love comments – so much. I suspect most bloggers do. It’s just lovely to connect with people who read what you have to say – what I have to say – and hear their thoughts. Based on my stats, lots of people read my blog who never comment. If you are that person, this is your invitation to come out and connect!

Which is not to diss the people who do comment already. I am wild about you all and feel like you are old friends. You know, like the Girl Scout song (everyone sing along now…)

Make new friends,
but keep the ooo-old,
one is silver and
the other is go-old.

I can still remember my first experience with comments – leaving one, and getting one, on my first blog. Three bloggers who I thought of as – you know, like the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus. Ok, maybe not quite that. But movie stars anyhow. I was sooooo intimidated by them. At first.

Then I discovered that they were ordinary people. Wonderful, lovely, vibrant people. But not actually distant movie stars. I ended up meeting a couple of them, which was pretty fabulous. And they are still my friends, so that’s very cool.

Anyhow. Pop in to the comments and say hi. Go back a post or two and read some of stories. Then go over to Hermione’s place and see who else is on the list and check out some other blogs…

19 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers (Full Version)

  1. Good to read this post. I’m having a not-so-good day as far as pain goes. I was at AA, listening and shared myself. But my pain level was creating discomfort and the desire to be home again.
    Sitting here, I realize how connected I feel to people different from me, lesbians, gays, liberals, nonbelievers. That I love them, because they share their spark of humanity when they blog. So I lurk on some blogs, because I fear reproach from people, whom I just want to be connected with, if not exactly friends.

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  2. I tried ( painstakingly) to comment yesterday via my phone. When will I ever learn my phone does NOT like WordPress or vice versa?

    To speak to your blogging beginnings. I remember about 3 weeks in a then, extremely popular Dd blogger commented on my post. I too was, star struck? I laugh now because 8 years later we have been known to lounge on a bed together in our pj’s attempting to yack the night away- until our husbands NEED to find out what we are blabbing about.

    My blog now is pretty much dead in the water as far as comments go, and will most likely go all together in the not so distant future, BUT…I still have this blogger as one of my best friends (and others too) so I consider that a win! Amazing how clicking away at a computer and pressing the ‘publish’ button can change one’s life so drastically.

    I hope you enjoyed your LOL day. I know I enjoy reading here- and if only I’d remember to turn on my laptop I’d comment more. LOL


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    • Dear Willie – I think your comment yesterday posted – I even answered it. But I”m sorry your phone doesn’t like WordPress, or WordPress doesn’t like your phone. Either way…

      Yeah, that first comment from someone we look up to is a pretty big thrill. I love that you two became friends and still are. You’re right, pressing the “publish” button can bring amazing changes.

      I’m so glad you do read here – and always appreciate your comments, when you’re able to leave them! 💜


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