Connections {6}

“No, go ahead and take it, I don’t need a box,” Sofia assured the server. She had only been able to eat about half her salad, excitement and nerves keeping her from swallowing another bite, now that it was almost time for the party. It was eight o’clock, and even though the party didn’t officially start til nine, the munch group was going to walk down to it and wait in the foyer til time to start. Some of them would use the break to change to less vanilla outfits.

While Sofia and Lori had not brought any kinkier wear themselves, they were looking forward to the transformation of the people they were getting to know. Sofia wondered if Lucas would be changing clothes, speculating mentally on what he might wear, and then told herself to shut up. She had her own decisions to worry about, what Lucas wore was of no interest to her.

And she was a bit worried. At the door, they had the option of accepting a colored bracelet to wear that would signal their availability – or lack thereof. Submissives in particular were encouraged to select either a green, yellow, orange, or red bracelet. Lucas had explained how the color system worked as people were finishing their dinner.

Green bracelets meant you wanted to play, and interested parties were welcome to start a conversation and open negotiations. Of course, that didn’t mean anyone could just do anything to you, consent was an essential part of this process. But green meant you were actively accepting offers. Sofia was sure she was not green.

Yellow meant maybe. You were a bit hesitant, for whatever reason, but not completely against the idea. Sofia thought she might, possibly be a maybe. She couldn’t imagine actually playing, but it wasn’t impossible, And it might be fun to talk about it anyhow. After all, you weren’t obligated to do anything.

Orange meant you belonged to someone or were submissive to someone or under another person’s protection. The Master, Dom or protector would need to be approached before any offers could be made. Sofia was clearly not orange.

Red meant no. Nope, don’t even wanna talk about it. Sofia thought she might be red. Either yellow or red. The problem with being red was that she might miss some really amazing experience. She didn’t want to miss anything. But what if she picked yellow, and no one suggested anything to her? She was pretty sure that’s what would happen. How would she feel then?

She fretted about it while she chatted with people. The woman on the other side of Kurt, the uber driver, was friendly and introduced her and Lori to some of the people around them. As the group got up, ready to leave, Sofia pulled Lori aside.

“Are we sure we want to do this?”

Lori’s eyes got wide – “I do!” she said. “Are you getting cold feet?”

“Oh. Um, no. No, not really, I just – what color bracelet are you going to get?”

Lori nodded, understanding now what the sudden anxiety was about. “I think – I think I’m going to get green. What the hell. But I’m really curious to see if anyone even wants to talk to me, right? And who knows when I’ll get a chance to do it again.” She paused. “What about you?”

Sofia laughed. The group had started moving toward the door and the two women fell into place among them. “I don’t know,” she said. “I’m thinking yellow or red. I am really a big ole scaredy cat you know.”

“No,” Lori shook her head, “That’s one thing you’re not. You’re just more cautious. Smarter, maybe. Less willing to be vulnerable? I don’t know. But you’ll do what’s right for you. I know that.”

Reassured, Sofia followed the crowd down the sidewalk and around the corner to the dungeon.

Before the Party

From the outside, it was an ordinary building. No neon signs screamed “Get your Spankings Here!!” No bars on the windows suggested that people might be naked and restrained inside. In fact, the foyer was warm and welcoming. A bit like a hotel lobby, with small groupings of seats and a few cafe style tables. A check-in desk at one end fit with the rest of the setting.

Sofia and Lori settled themselves at a table and were joined by a Dom named Henry and his submissive Diane. They were maybe in their 40’s, friendly and comfortable to talk to. They had started chatting on the walk down and joined the two women to continue the conversation. But they had barely sat down when Henry mentioned that the walk had made him thirsty.

Diane immediately stood up. “Sir,” she said, “May I get you something to drink?’ He looked her up and down, slowly, and smiled.

“You may,” he said. “Perhaps you should put your collar on first. And change clothes.” He handed her a small bag that he’d been carrying. “Go get ready,” he said, serious now. “You may wear the robe. And bring me some water, please.”

Diane nodded, “Yes, Sir,” she said, with some enthusiasm.

“Ladies,” Henry said to Sofia and Lori, “would you like some water too?”

Sofia wasn’t sure what the right answer was, or if there was a right answer, but her mouth had gotten incredibly dry watching the little scene in front of her, so “Yes, please,” she said, barely stopping herself from adding “Sir.” “I’d love some water,” she added. Lori agreed that water would be wonderful, Henry nodded to Diane, and she hurried off.

Henry continued chatting, pointing out different people in the room, explaining who they were and filling them in on some of the dynamics unfolding. “Diane and I have been together over 10 years now, we met at a munch. I think this keeps our marriage alive. Exciting. She’s an amazing submissive. Has the heart of a slave really.”

But Sofia was only half listening. She was watching Lucas make his way around the room. He stopped briefly to chat with different groups, then moved on. The other Dom, Ms. Daniela, had settled in a comfortable chair and people were approaching her to talk.

And suddenly Lucas was in front of their table. “Henry,” he said in greeting, and Henry stood, shook hands with him. “Good to see you.”

Then he looked at Sofia. “Sofia,” he said, and she shivered. She started to stand, but he gestured for her to stay where she was. “Don’t get up,” he said, “I just wanted to assure you – and Lori,” he added, glancing at the other woman, “that what happens at munches and parties is always confidential. If someone you met here were to run into you – at the mall, let’s say – they would never acknowledge that they’d met you here.”

Sofia smiled, felt herself relax, that was reassuring. And nice of him to go out of his way to say that. “Thank you,” she said, “And of course the same is true for you. Say if i ran into you – at the mall, or somewhere.”

He grinned then, and she caught a flash of danger as he added, “Of course, they might invite you to have coffee, but that would be a whole different thing.” Before she could react, he added, “I hope you enjoy your evening. I’m sure I’ll see you inside.”

He turned to Henry, “Tell Diane I said hello in case I miss her later – oh, wait, here she is,” and he was right, Diane had returned, carrying a tray with napkins and bottles of water. She was wearing a robe that zipped down the front from the neck to her knees, the collar visible above it.

Diane smiled, greeted Lucas, and he moved away as she began serving the water. Sofia watched him go, and blushed when he looked back and caught her watching him. He grinned again, and all she could think was a line from a very old TV show. “Danger, Will Rogers, Danger.”

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