Sunday’s FFF 2.0 – 3-24

Because apparently, I’m just all over the place. Off schedule still, off track, maybe off color too. (Does anybody still use that phrase? Seems unlikely…)

I’m also chunkier than I used to be. I hopped on the scale this morning – y’all. 167. Now I sound surprised – like I didn’t know if I ate a lot and didn’t exercise that I would gain weight. Anyhow. We won’t dwell on that. Maybe that’s the “hitting bottom” I need to turn the corner on what seems to be yoyo dieting for real. Ugh.

And don’t you like the way I make it sound like it’s out of my control? Like it’s something that’s happening outside of me and I just need to wait for the right combination of Magical Motivational Moments. Seriously? No.

Drugs would do it. No, not some script for Wellbutrin or some such, I’m thinking speed. Amphetamines. Of course that would come with a plethora of unwanted side effects… Sigh. Ok, that’s probably not the way to go.

I haven’t read the third chapter of Willpower yet. Probably because I’m not practicing the experiments she recommends in Chapter Two. Maybe I’ll linger another week on them – breathing, sleeping, relaxing, and exercise. The big 4.

In the latest fitbit update, step count was 4,375, with a high yesterday of about 8,000. Smh, ok, new week new energy, new enthusiasm… yada yada. In the good news category, glucose levels have been pretty good, and I think my meter is actually accurate. So that’s something

Ok. I’m off to do laundry and empty the dishwasher. Good times ahead… Spring is here in the south, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and joy can be found right here in the moment.

12 thoughts on “Sunday’s FFF 2.0 – 3-24

  1. Sigh! … yes, in spite of a change in diet in Jan that has been good for me health wise, I have not lost one iota of weight … meh! I know the answer to this one of course but getting myself to so is another thing … maybe, like David suggests above, I need to ask Frank spank my ass out the door to do more exercise (when he’s feeling better – the shingles have now gone into his eye :>(() … Hang in there, Olivia … nj … xx

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    • Oh, gosh, that’s AWFUL about the shingles!! I’m so sorry! I bet when he gets to feeling better he’ll be happy to provide the spanking though. 🙂 I’m sorry that your diet change didn’t help with weight loss though. I know part of it is age and being female, but still, sigh… Thanks for the support, NJ. ❤


  2. Hi Olivia, why is it so hard to mind the motivation. Sigh. I can totally relate, I have to push myself mentally to exercise let alone trying to stay away from the sweet stuf. Hang in there.

    I love your positive outlook. Enjoy the nice spring weather:)


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