Flotsam and Jetsam

I’ve been sorting through things, doing some organizing and cleaning up, getting rid of things I don’t need. Not discarding everything that doesn’t spark joy yet, maybe next year. But getting rid of some stuff.

Then I found this:

It’s a wooden spoon, a small one, maybe an inch and a half in diameter. Just right for pussy spanking. Um, for spanking the lady bits of a submissive girl. I bought it as a gift for Sir, way back in the day when we were fresh and new.

We had lots of tantalizing conversation about it, but it never got used. It’s been an odd anomaly, tucked up with my socks and underwear, then moved to the office area for no apparent reason. That’s where it is today.

It came to mind not too long ago when someone – Fondles, I think – had one that reminded me of it. But here’s mine – and what do I do with it? Goodwill, I suppose. I could just put it in the kitchen, but every time I saw it, I would think of it as a pervertable and feel awkward.

Looking at it, contemplating, the term that came to mind was flotsam and jetsam. I had to go look them up to make sure that was the right term.

… the term “flotsam” refers to a sunken vessel whose goods float to the surface of the sea, or any floating cargo that is cast overboard.[5]

The term “jetsam” designates any cargo that is intentionally discarded from a ship or wreckage… Generally, “jettisoning” connotes the action of throwing goods overboard to lighten the load of the ship if it is in danger of being sunk.[5]

And yes. That’s what it is. Damn spoon. The remains of the wreckage of my D/s relationship.

Now that I’ve shared my dramatic feelings about it, I’ll send it off to Goodwill. Someone will use it in the kitchen, never dreaming that it once represented some kinky hopes and dreams.

Woe is me…

Alas and alack…

Ok, just kidding…

10 thoughts on “Flotsam and Jetsam

  1. Or maybe…
    the person who buys it will bring it home (possibly giggling) and use it for spanking – and YOU will have been the one to give them that gift!
    I like that story better. ;-p


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