FFF 2.0 – 3-7

My successes come and go, This week has been a mixed bag. Some days of eating pretty healthy and walking plenty, other days of neither. Average step count was 4,800. Shrug. I’m only sleeping about 6 and a half hours/night, but some of that is because I’ve been excited about stuff I’m doing, so I guess that’s ok.

On the plus side, I bathed in our tub with jets last night. I started reading a terrific book called “The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down.” I did some co-working and that was great. So lots of things are lovely.

In the pendulum swing of my submissive soul, I’m in the “why bother about this submissive stuff, this is not even a kinky blog” phase again. Which is not exactly news here, there hasn’t been a sign of D/s for ages. But periodically, I just have to put it out there that this is a journal, of sorts, not a kinky blog. Although, now that I think about it, this blog has never had much kink. Sigh..

Between David’s story Journey and Cass Wintermute’s spanking stories, I’m sure that my libido is not actually dead, just on snooze. So I guess that’s good.

MP and I are doing a mini-vacation starting tomorrow, so there may be beach pics coming this way. And always, good times ahead.

17 thoughts on “FFF 2.0 – 3-7

  1. Hi Olivia,

    That’s a great reason for lack of sleep. Being excited about what you are doing is awesome:) sounds like besides the lack of kink things are going well for you. Happy for you 🙂

    Have a wonderful vacation, always enjoy beach pics 🙂


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  2. I think the honesty of writing the ‘not so sexy/kinky’ blog posts, Olivia, shows the reality of a ttwd life … your life. There is no way anyone could be ‘on’ all the time … like the ocean and tides you so love, there is an ebb and flow to how we live.
    Enjoy your time at the beach … hugs! … nj

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    • Well, for sure we’re not on all the time! I know you’re right about the flow. I guess I hope the tide will turn. We’ll see.
      But yes, right now I’m enjoying the moment! Thanks


  3. You know, i’m hoping that you are just enjoying everything on your vacation. Soft sheets, delicious food, not having to clean or worry about cleaning, new stories and joys. Sometimes opening up our senses helps tremendously.

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