Willpower I + March Q & A

Ok. I’m going to do this willpower challenge in the book I’m reading. Cause just reading the book is not going to be enough to make the changes I really want to make. Cause you know, just reading the book is never actually enough – you have to actually do something different.

It’s a 10 week thing. Here’s the challenge this week:

This week, commit to watching how the process of giving in to your impulses happens. You don’t even need to set a goal to improve your self-control yet. See if you can catch yourself earlier and earlier in the process, noticing what thoughts, feelings, and situations are most likely to prompt the impulse. What do you think or say to yourself that makes it more likely that you will give in?

In the reading this time, she broke down the challenge into 3 parts – I will, I won’t, and I want. In terms of my own goal:

  1. I will eat healthy and exercise.
  2. I won’t choose high fat and high carb food to binge on at night.
  3. I want to lose 20 pounds in the next 6 months, reduce my glucose levels, feel better, and fit my clothes better.

On Fridays, I’ll still do FFF 2.0, thank you, Fondles, for keeping that going. But on Sundays, I’ll read the next chapter of the book, report in on how my challenge has gone, and name the next challenge.

In other news, Jz’s post reminded me that March is Question & Answer month, so if you have any pressing questions for me – or impertinent questions – or any questions at all – now is the time…

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