FFF – 2.0 – 3-1 on 3-2

Yes, that’s an exciting title, isn’t it? Nooooo… it certainly is not. But it’s not an exciting post, so at least there’s no false advertising. (hahaha)

I got my FitBit to start working again – yay – and I have a somewhat sad step count average of 4,700 this week. Meh.

I just started a book called The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do To Get More of It. I have only gotten through the introduction so far, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the answer to all my problems, right?


I’m super sleepy today – my sleep average for the week is 5 hrs, 42 minutes, and last night was 5 hours and 1 minute, which is actually just not enough sleep. But I was busy all day yesterday from 5 a.m. til midnight, and today is also super packed. It’s all good things, but still (yawn) even coffee isn’t waking me up as much as I need it to.

In other news – um, nothing. Nothing at all. But no news is good news, right?

18 thoughts on “FFF – 2.0 – 3-1 on 3-2

  1. Hi Olivia … I too am struggling with the exercise side of my life (my daughter swears by HIIT exercise and it’s done wonders for her so she is encouraging me to look at that). I have a birthday coming up … Frank has asked me what I wanted so I was looking at fitbits (expensive!), but I know well how I tend to buy and then never use so quickly discounted that thought … and like you, I often think a book will give me the best answer – I have several of those … but maybe I should just get my ass in gear … lol!!
    … keeping on trucking, Olivia … awareness of what you are doing and need to do gets you halfway there … but maybe the first thing you should do is get some more sleep :>)) …. hugs … nj

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    • Thanks, NJ. It is always nice to have company in our Missouri. I will have to look at HRT exercise and see if that’s my solution to. I bought a cheap version of the Fitbit first just to see if I would use it before I invested in this. And I think you’re right just getting my ass in gear would be a good solution awesome. I will definitely keep on trucking and hope to get some sleep tonight! XOXO


  2. Hi Olivia, I haven’t got a fitbit yet either but am thinking about it. I can so relate to the lack of sleep. I am constantly running on way to little sleep myself. Glad the sleep deprivation is for good reasons though 🙂



    • Hey, Roz – I have read that getting 8 hours sleep/night has more effect on whether or not you lose weight than exercising. I am never sure if naps count, but I always remind myself of that when I give into temptation! Hugs…


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