Eight years ago today, I was in Baltimore. I’m sure I’ve reminisced about this before on this blog, but it popped up in a FB memory for me. On FB, I just said I was going to Baltimore and leaving my computer at home, but that brought back a rush of memories.

I don’t remember what his “Sir” name was. Hmmmmm. Also not his real name was Burford, which is what he was going by when I met him on CollarMe.

I went to Baltimore to meet him for a weekend of playtime, after agreeing not to bring any clothes other than what I was wearing. He met me at the airport with two dozen roses. I can still see him, sitting in the baggage claim, holding the roses.

We stopped in a parking garage on the way to the hotel and climbed into the back seat so he could spank me. I am not kidding – this really happened. Was I insane? Possibly. But it still makes me smile.

The next morning he bought me clothes at Burlington Coat Factory – I never shop there without thinking of him. And we pretty much hung out naked all weekend. It was lovely.

He was in love with someone who was not ever going to be there for him the way he wanted. He did not fall in love with me, and I was looking for it all – love and kink and the chance of happily ever after.

But it was a weekend worth remembering.

16 thoughts on “Anniversaries…

  1. Every woman should get to have that experience, from the red rose greeting to sensual satisfaction with someone who isn’t your happily ever after. Sometimes, a happily right now is what a girl needs. ❤ It is good practice for those who struggle to separate sex and love. Hard to do when you never had sex to just enjoy sex. just sayin'.

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    • Yes, good point, well said. I agreed with this at the time too, but you know, then I met MP and thought I’d found it all. Which I had, for a minute. Anyhow. You are soooo right. ❤ No regrets here…

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  2. I love you and you absolutely deserve it all. ❤️ The first time I was ever exposed to the idea that unsanctioned sex could be a good thing, a woman centered thing, was when I read, “The Storm.” I remember wishing I had been told years earlier. I would have made far better choices for myself.


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