The Weekend

So much loveliness. First, there was date night. A glass of wine and appetizers on a rooftop bar overlooking the river. Then dinner with some of my favorite actually low-carb food.

We had such a good time, and were so late getting back to the house that everyone was in bed. It was the perfect opportunity for some serious spanking and good times.

It had been so long since I had been spanked, that I was more sensitive than I expected to be. But I was able to settle into it, reminded myself that I needed it, and both enjoyed and appreciated it.   It was followed by orgasms and lots of cuddles. Life is pretty good.

Of course,  Sunday is beach day. So I am actually writing this from my usual cozy spot on the sand  The ocean is fairly calm today, and I’m enjoying that .


There is still lots and lots of stuff going on in my life and I’m way busier than I want to be.   But it is mostly all good stuff, so I truly can’t complain. Also, because I am always looking for new ways to experiment with managing my life, or maybe just always looking  for new things to add onto my plate, I have been reading up on Qigong. It is fascinating. More on that later.






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