FFF 6-15

I already broke my big news – that i hit the 160 mark.  I’m still seeing that number some of the time – new range from the 162s to (happy dance) 160.  But I need to get back to walking more or I’m going to lose that.  I’m going to –  – lose the gains I’ve made.  Or gain my losses?  Yep, that.  (Which for some reason cracks me up – gaining losses and losing gains…)  Anyhow…

My success is lovely even though it means i’m not making progress in recognizing that it’s not all about weight.  Or – I do recognize that, i just don’t truly feel it.

“It’s not about weight or size or fat—weight is a measure of gravity and nothing else—it’s about living joyfully inside your body, as it is, today.”
― Emily Nagoski, Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life

Anyhow.  Yeah.  27,000 steps this week is SAD, and I just need to do better.  I’m not in the flow of my new schedule yet, and I need to check my priorities.

There is probably not going to be an actual date night this week – with Sir’s son and GF here, “we” are taking a back seat to entertaining them a bit.  I’m not complaining – I really like them both and enjoy spending time with them – as long as Sir and i don’t slip back into old ways.

I’m making tiny bits of progress on the house – which is better than none, right?  Yep, I thought so.

And i’m sleepy – having company also means staying up too late, and then having to get up early the next day.   I’m super glad it’s Friday, i’m ready for the work week to be over and the weekend to start.  We have a couple of fun activities planned for the weekend, so that’s exciting.

Hope you have good times ahead of you too!!

“Life’s short. Live passionately.”
~~ Marc A. Pitman

10 thoughts on “FFF 6-15

  1. Sounds like you are having good times and next week, perhaps two date nights are in order! Enjoy your company and don’t be too hard on yourself about the steps. I find, I only meet my step count if I walk first thing in the morning. Otherwise, life gets in the way.

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    • Two date nights next week sounds totally possible – I love it! And I think you’re right about exercising in the morning. For a while there, I’d been doing walks after dinner, but apparently that’s not sustainable. So yeah, good advice. Thanks!

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  2. Hi Olivia, lol, yep, losing gains or gaining lossess lol. Great news on the scales!:) As Amy said, don’t worry about the steps, you are still finding your groove with the new schedule, having your daughter and grands there and now your visitors as well. It does sound like you are having a good time 🙂

    I had my first week at a new job this week so am also adjusting and going to have to re-figure out my exercises. Fortunately, it’s been shorter days this week so I have been able to keep up with the exercises this week. Despite that I can’t say much about the scales though 😦

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your full house 🙂


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    • Oh, yay for your first week at a new job! Hope you’re loving it. Adjustments can be hard though, for sure. 🙂 Glad the little oddity of words amused you too! Thanks Roz.


  3. LOL at losing gains and gaining losses. tickled me too. welcome to the weekend – catch up on some zzzzs. And hurray on house progress. Any progress is progress! yup! I sat and scraped maybe 3 inches of silicon residue off my floor. And that felt like heaps to me – mostly because there is absolutely nothing else i can do about my gutted kitchen. It looks so sad!

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    • Oh, good I’m glad it wasn’t just me – and Roz – it amused! Scraping silicon residue off the floor sounds touch – glad you got some of it done!! And so sorry about your poor kitchen. 😦 So you’re right – progress is progress. Thanks!

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