All About Time

I made a serious schedule for myself last night.  I’ve got so much going on, i figured i’d better work out exactly how i was going to make everything happen.  Realistically.

It reminded me of the days of my youth, when my kids were little and we didn’t have much money.  I would occasionally try to work out a serious, for real budget so we could make ends meet.   But no matter how i laid it out, which ends i stretched, or which expenses i reduced, i couldn’t realistically make ends meet.  Um, because they didn’t.

In the same way, i now have a morning schedule that doesn’t include showers.  Quit laughing – seriously, that’s a problem.

Of course, there is enough time for real, for everything i need to do.  The problem is that some of that time is after my regular work day instead of before and my chances of really doing it after work are much lower than if i do it before.  After work, i begin to wind down, the kids (yes those amazing grand-kids) are home from their summer programs, there’s dinner, Sir is through working and i’m tired.  i don’t wanna do anything except family stuff.

Which – by the way – my daughter and the kids arrived safely – and are settling in beautifully.  So far so good.

Anyhow. All this explains why you’re not seeing me here as much – this is not even in my schedule.  I took time off my half-hour for Facebook to be here.

Date night was good though – and i did tell him about the stroking my hair thing and it seems that he was able to hear me because actions speak louder than words.  Also, he had bought a new belt and we discovered that our bedroom is apparently sound proof enough or far enough away that the slap of a belt is not audible to the rest of the family. AND it’s clear that i still love that feeling of that slap of leather as much as i ever did.

We have company this week – Sir’s son and his girlfriend are visiting, so that will be nice.

And now i’m 5 minutes behind schedule – 6 by the time i publish this for sure.  Time for mindfulness practice.  Quit laughing.  I wish i could find an image of someone in sitting meditation poised on a treadmill.   7 minutes behind now because i googled meditation on a treadmill.

i think date night is Friday again, so yay for carving out time for the things that really matter.



16 thoughts on “All About Time

  1. Can I just say how relieved I am that you guys discovered that the belt can be used any time without worry? That is even better than the date night and head strokes and listening -to me. I would wake up at 6am so I had time to drink coffee, meds, shower, and get the nice ex lunch made and yoga before my day of kiddos began around 7. But you already get up at o dark thirty! I don’t think you want my other alternative of sleeping three hours a day or you could be getting that belt more than you want.

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    • Yep, it’s a relief here too! Lol, it is better than head stroking and date night, although those are important. Yeah, I do already get up super early – and have been in the habit of doing it for many years so I could have that quiet time in the morning before everyone else is up. You’re right, 3 hours a day is not going to work for me either. But thanks. ❤

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  2. yes! The carving out of time that doesn’t exist…so frustrating that we can’t stretch it out or bank it for when we need it later! I’m behind a day from being sick last week for ONE day…and I’ll be making up for it all this week…that stupid ripple effect…and like you, it means giving up precious time delegated for other things. Sigh. I see people sitting on their porch chairs, not a care in the world and wonder…”how”…ah well. The life of busy women. It makes us strong. And able to segregate the chaff things from the more important ones. I’m SO SO SO SO glad that you and your Sir are finally on the same path once again. Hugs,

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    • Thanks, ‘Nilla, i knew you’d be glad that Sir and I are finally getting to where we need to be. It seems funny to think I’ve known you longer than I’ve known him. As for you and being busy – I think you beat me for staying busy! Part of my “problem” is that i have to have some time to just sit or i start to lose myself. So I kind of have to fit that in my schedule too – which strikes me as funny. But you’re right. Doing the things we do does make us strong and does make us separate what’s important from the frivolous. Thanks for getting it. ❤


  3. New belt. Yay. Noise not an issue. Double yay. Im supposed to be sleeping. But im here reading and leaving comments. I have things to do that needed doing last week. I dont know how people sit on porches either. Hugs. Now i sleep.

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    • Thanks for the “yays!” Yeah I think cutting back on sleep is a common strategy for those of us who are often over busy. Actually, i think you and ‘nilla and i (and jade and probably some other bloggers) should all go porch sit together. 🙂 Hope you got some sleep. ❤


  4. Hi Olivia,

    Glad your daughter and grands are setting in well. It does sound like life is super busy, but good 🙂 Date night sounded awesome, yay for the new belt and sound proofing! Hope you have a wonderful time with your visitors.


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    • Yep, busy and good pretty much sums it up right now. So far, the visitors have been lovely. I really like Sir’s son and his gf, and they’re easy guests to have, so that’s good. Thanks for all the good wishes – as always. 🙂


  5. Yes, yes, yay yay! LOL. Don’t worry about us here and writing. Take that time to do something else. Maybe try once a week until things slow down. If not trust that those who offer support will still do so even if you don’t write as often. Summer is far too short not to sit on the porch in my opinion, ( also my excuse for not dusting. LOL)


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    • Thanks, Willie. I will definitely be here less – but this is really for me, so I’ll miss it too! Sitting on the porch is an important part of life – nice to know you share that!!


  6. This little post may have put you behind schedule but thank you so much! It’s a great read and good to catch up on you and the family. As for that new belt, oh how I miss the feel of Eric’s belt. Enjoy girl! And lucky you, that the bedroom is soundproof enough for some spontaneous play. Sweet!

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  7. Nice to know the belt can be a ‘quiet’ toy…now to muffle my reaction to it. I understand busy…back when I was teaching, 3 kids…and doing all that went with that…it was crazy…but a good crazy. I am retired, but now end up traveling to help with the grands…that to is wonderful, but time to smell those flowers, sit on the porch, kneel for Him ( which leads to other stuff)….are all things I hope to make time for….Thanks for taking time t update…hugs abby

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    • Lol, i love the belt and Sir is not hitting too hard so i dont’ think i’m too loud – at least i hope not! As for time – but – but – you are retired! You are supposed to have time for all the things! And it seems like you do – i think the schedule your Master has for you keeps you anchored in that way anyhow. Thanks for commenting, abby!!


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