Another Early Morning

Another early morning watching the sunrise at the beach. Can’t complain about that.

Went out for dinner last night and had the best hush puppies ever. They were fabulous. And instead of  serving them with ketchup, they serve them with melted butter.  You dip them.  And why not? They are really just big fried bread balls. It was amazing. I thought of Jz and her liking for hush puppies, and wished she was there.

Project for the day is doing stuff around the house. I have two sets of shelves to put together, and one set that needs new tacks in the back of it. Once I’ve done that, I can really finish organizing. Good times ahead!

14 thoughts on “Another Early Morning

    • Lol, yes, in fact I may have dipped in the ketchup before… And, um, I ate at least one for you. Several. Several of the ones I ate were for you. (We had a small bowl of them as an appetizer…)

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  1. We have something similar we call a ‘sheepskin’ … balls of bread dough stretched out, fried in oil and served sweet (sugar and cinnamon) or savory (with tomatoes) … yum!
    Awesome beach pictures!, Olivia. Happy for you that all is going so well. Enjoy your weekend! … nj

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  2. Those hush puppies actually sound good. Maybe if the ones I’ve had were served like that, I’d have more of a liking for them!

    Also, love the beach photos. People don’t ever not want beach photos. ❤


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