FFF – 3-16-18

5 pounds.  I’ve lost 5 pounds since the week of February 10th.  I just looked back at my planner, and there it was.  I weighed 5 pounds more that week.


If I lost a pound a week for the next – oh, let’s say the next 26 weeks – I would be at a comfortable weight.  But even if I don’t lose any more weight, I’m 5 pounds lighter than I was.

I’ve done a little bit better on movement this week – walked more, made sure I took more breaks from sitting at my computer.

Other than that, it’s pretty much the same ole-same ole around her.  (Ok, that phrase, particularly in writing, makes me giggle.  Is it Southern or do Northerners say it too?)  We were supposed to close on our house today, but that’s not happening, for reasons that are incomprehensible to me.  It’s through no fault of ours – our stuff is all together.  And seriously,  the reason they give doesn’t make a bit of sense.  (I almost said “a lick of sense” but that was a bit too “country” even for me.)

Anyhow, it’s not the first time in this process that things have not made sense.  I woke up at what seems to be my usual 3 a.m. wondering if maybe it’s the wrong house after all and we should just walk away from it.  We could do that right now, and just keep looking.  It has some problems.  Sigh…  but the location is really good.  And even though it’s turned out to need some work, we’re getting it for significantly less than it appraised for.  And…

Ok, I can torture myself with that back-and-forth debate for a long time.  Enough already.  This is, after all, supposed to be a blog about BDSM.  Or kink.  Or something like that.  Not a bunch of boring, banal bullshit.

Five pounds.  Five pounds down, 25 to go…

20 thoughts on “FFF – 3-16-18

  1. Hi Olivia, congratulations on the 5 pounds!

    Argh, sorry there have been glitches with the house closure. Moving is huge and stressful, it’s natural you are second guessing . Oh, it may be a BDSM blog, but friendships here go beyond the kink 🙂


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    • Thanks, Roz! And thanks for the sympathy. It is stressful! But I guess it will all work out… And yeah, hardly any of us are all kink all the time. I do appreciate you and the community here so much!! Hugs…


  2. Bummer on the house. It will work out.
    I thought my blog would be a bold exploration of my sexuality. Then I discovered there wasn’t all that much to seek out. Sooo, I keep plugging along with life and whatever fantasies come about. I enjoy reading about what’s happening in your world. Keep it up.

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    • Thanks David – you’re right, it will work out (you know, one way or the other!) But I hear what you mean about blogs. I’m glad you keep plugging away and glad you’re part of the blogging community.


  3. Olivia that is wonderful on your five pounds. Keep up the good work, its sure paying off for all of us.
    As for the house, when we moved to our current location the first place we wanted fell through. Bear said things happen for a reason and something better will come our way. It was so true as our current house is much better than the original one we wanted. So stay positive, something better will come your way.
    By the way we use ‘same old same old’ down here in Australia.
    Hugs Lindy xx

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    • Thanks, Lindy! It is exciting to see how much we’re all benefiting from FFF! And I hear what you’re saying on the house. It’ll work out one way or the other. They’re looking at closing next week, probably for sure, now.
      And thanks for the feedback on same old-same old!! If you use it in Australia, it must be universal! 🙂 Hugs…


  4. Cheering as well about the weight loss! This (extreme) Northerner also uses the saying, and as Lindy is an extreme Southerner, I’m going go out on a limb and say it is pretty universal ( the licking and ‘fixin’ stuff is all on you though..LOL)

    As for the house, my mindset has always been that you can change the house but you can’t change the location. Location IMHO is everything. Good luck!

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    • Oh, good to know that you use the same old same old thing too. So yep, pretty universal. But not the licking and fixin’ huh? That cracked me up.

      You know, you’re right. It turns out instead of getting a great deal, I’m getting a house that needs some work in an ideal location. That will be ok too. Thanks!!


  5. I am enjoying g your blog very much. Just stumbled across it a couple of months ago. I am an older female trying to figure my place in life. Would it be possible to email you privately? Congrats on your fitness goals.

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  6. Five pounds, thats awesome! And you’re right, even if you don’t lose more, you’re 5 pounds less, and maybe more fit than before!

    I say same ol’ same ol’… but not lickin or fixing to… I think that’s more Southern.

    I hope you can close on the house soon!

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    • Dear Swayam, This is not how you get people to follow you. You have to leave a comment that’s interesting so people want to go look at your blog and follow you. That’s my unsolicited helpful hint. You’re welcome. 🙂


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