Guilty Pleasures

I was talking about one of my guilty pleasure in the comments (which happens to be reading Nora Roberts novels.)  And it made me wonder – what do other people consider their guilty pleasures?  Not something really bad, just something that you kind of keep private because you think people might judge you if they knew about it.

Like – I can eat half a bag of Doritos and half a container of French Onion Dip (a particular brand) at one sitting.   Ok,  maybe I can’t do that any more – but it was fun when I could and occasionally did.  It was a huge bonus if I was reading a new Nora Roberts while I dipped my Doritos and avoided touching anything with my orange fingertips.

So what’s yours?  Tell me in the comments or write a post and link back – enquiring minds want to know…guilty-pleasure-reads-2


19 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Mine are honey butter chips. I say i dont eat carbs but ive admitted freely that i DO eat chips. Its the one thing i cant give up. And i say i’ll eat a bowl or a serving but do u know what a serving is? Like 8 pieces. How is that ever enough? I can go thru a whole medium sized bag in one sitting too. And this counts as a guilty pleasure cos guess what- after i do that i feel guilty as heck!


      • ive just come back to see the replies, and read other comments, and now i want donuts AND chocolate – preferably chocolate coated donuts with chocolate filling. argh. ALSO – like Lindy – i’ll always make space for cake only my cake of choice would be CHOCOLATE! LOL.

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  2. Brown sugar chunks. Though I have found a way to not have my brown sugar go hard…OH and I love if I make a boxed cake mix and their happens to be a chunk…DELISH. NOW I can’t say I’d buy a box TO eat them…but. LOL

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    • Oh! I know what you mean about brown sugar chunks! They are, indeed, a delicious treat. I’ve never tried a chunk from a cake mix, I’ll have to look for an opportunity to do that! 🙂


  3. Okay….this is super embarrassing to admit…and (disclaimer), like Fondles wrote above, I rarely eat many unhealthy carbohydrates, I work out regularly, and I am at a healthy weight. But, when my Daddy goes out of town for work, I like to read romance (i.e.Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele) while taking a 2 hour bath, and eating raw Top Ramen noodles that have been sprinkled with the flavoring they come with. I basically eat it like you would popcorn or chips…except, it is uncooked noodles…

    There you have it…cat’s out of the bag…..

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  4. My guilty pleasure would have to be cheese cake. If we are anywhere and there is cheese cake I always find room to fit some in, even if I’ve just had a huge meal.
    Hugs Lindy xx

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  5. I tried to answer this but…
    If I like something, I refuse to feel guilty about liking it.
    Paranormals, sweets, fried foods…. bring ’em on!
    I do occasionally feel bad about my inability to moderate myself but that’s not really the same question, is it?

    Defiant With Chocolate Smears all over her Mercy Thompsons

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    • Good for you! Having been raised Catholic, guilt is always present in my psyche, it just doens’t keep me from doing things. But I love that you’re not buying that crap.

      “Chocolate smears all over her Mercy Thompsons” had me snickering out loud. Thanks!!


    • Donuts – yum… any particular kind? I like glazed if they’re fresh and hot, but chocolate with custard are my all time favorite. Yeah, I can’t do it like I used to anymore either!


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