Bonus Question – from Jz

Thanks to Jz, I have this fascinating question, which i’ve spent an inordinate amount of time pondering.

You have won a special magical vacation:
For one year, you will live the life of any character in fiction that you choose.
Who do you pick?

My first thought was, aha! I can be any BDSM character I like!! Story of O! I can be ~~~ oh. Wait. Hmmmm, maybe not Story of O. A bit too extreme. Nope, gonna pass on the whole branding thing.

Ok then, someone else kinky. But who? The 12 and a Half Weeks woman wouldn’t be bad, but that doesn’t end so well. And I have no idea what she was doing outside of that little time frame. No.

Then I went to childhood books. Heidi? Too much mountain climbing. Little Women? Which one would I be? Jo was the only one I think I could pull off, but I’d have to hurt Amy when she burned my notebooks. No, not Jo. Mary Poppins? No, no, no. Anne of Green Gales? Noooo, I’m not that good. Pollyanna! Oh, maybe Pollyanna – but no, wait. Not. She ends up pretty miserable for a while there. No.

I rejected a lot more possibilities, but finally conceded, ok, not a child’s book. Then what? The classics. Madame Bovary.   Good grief, no.  Nobody from War and Peace or any of those kinds of books.  Ok, maybe some character in The Masters of the Castle series. Hmmmm. That wouldn’t be half bad. But I can’t really remember much about them as people. So no.

OH! Someone from the Lily Yu books!! Lily herself? Cynna? Oh, that’s tempting. Which one? I think Cynna. But not the year her baby gets stolen and they have to go through hell and… can I pick which year? I didn’t think so.

Darn you, Jz! {Shakes fist in the air…} Why did you give me such a hard question???

Oh – ok – yes. I got it. Nora Roberts book – three books. The Garden Trilogy. I want to be Roz. Yep. An independent, interesting woman with a romantic interest. Or – no – I should be one of her characters that has some kind of magical gift! That would be good. But I can’t actually name one, they all run together in my head.  Actually, I had to go look Roz up, I didn’t really remember her either.

So that doesn’t really work you know. I don’t really think I want to be any book character – once I settle on one, I know it’s the wrong one.  And what if I picked the wrong one and then it really happened?  That would be really bad.

Can I pass my gift back to you, Jz? Who the heck would you be? Or any of you – who would you be???


12 thoughts on “Bonus Question – from Jz

  1. Hi Olivia,

    Ooh this is such a great question, but so difficult to answer. I love your different thoughts as to who to pick. I don’t know either. Cinderella maybe? She gets the Prince and becomes the fairytale princess and those who did her wrong get their cumuppance. Then again, it’s only for a year and what year?


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  2. It is a stinker, isn’t it?
    But a fun stinker, I think…
    At least, I hope you had fun thinking about it, even if you couldn’t decide. (And yes, I’ll take it as a switchback question and address it later in the month.) I certainly enjoyed seeing which characters you considered. 🙂

    I maybe should have included an addendum so that if you are actually hating the life you picked, you can choose to leave and simply forfeit the rest of the year. (This IS a magical gift after all!) But that would have led to shallower consideration, I think.

    (And if anyone else does decide to tackle this one, let me know? I’l love to see your answers!)

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    • Lol, I had a blast with it. I’d start picturing myself as somebody and be sort of nodding and then have a realization and think Oh – hell no. Nope. It really was fun.

      I will certainly look forward to seeing who you would want to be!!

      And no, I think you were right not to give me a hypotheticlcal way out. Magic often has a mean streak. If I could have bailed, I could have been just about anybody for a while.


  3. David – yes! And I thought about picking one of her characters!! You know, probably Elizabeth Bennet because she is THAT cool. BUT I have to be her for A YEAR!! Think of all the things that could not go well for me, living in that era… Good try though!


  4. Great post! I read a lot of Nora Roberts and have to agree, it typically ends up pretty good for the female leads…independent, head strong female meets the incredibly hunky, sweeter than life man who wants nothing but to completely love and possess her. Enduring (and enjoying!) The Story of O would also be quite incredible. Any movie where I would get to be married to a Baldwin brother would be fine by me as well. That is a hard question!!!

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    • I love that – “any movie where I would get to be married to a Baldwin brother.” That’s great.

      Yeah, Nora Roberts is alot of fun. She’s one of my “guilty pleasures.” People who don’t know me very well tend to think I would always be reading non-fiction or classic literature. But, um, not the case.


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