Fetlife Adventures

In the last 48 hours, four people have approached me on Fetlife!!  How does that even happen?  They are all from here, or close enough.

One of them is 26 years old and wants a mistress who will fuck him with a strap-on.  Um, i’m pretty sure that’s not me.  Not seeing it.

One of them is mid-40s and describes himself as a hedonist.  He shares many pictures of himself in various macho poses, both clothed and unclothed.   He seems nice enough.  A man of few words, we exchange messages like:

Me:  Thanks for the friend request – I always enjoy chatting with like-minded people. Have you been involved in BDSM long?

Him:  Yes I have been into being kink a lifetime, but it’s hard to find people into it. I am very discrete and will always respect your privacy..

Me:  “It looks like you’re just now discovering fetlife – that’s exciting!” 

Him:  “I’ve been on and off of fetlife, there’s a lot of fakes on here. It’s hard to find real kinksters on here.”

Whatever.  Too many pictures of himself.

Then there’s another one who’s kind of cute, early 60’s, and also in the Man-of-Few-Words category.

 Him:  Hello Lady Bug How are you doing tonight. I hope we can be friends an chat . 

Me:  Hi. I’m good – how are you doing? (Actually, about to go to bed) Talk to you later?

Him:  I am Good Honey Sweet Dreams. Hugs an Kisses

Notice the non-consenual hugs an kisses at the end there.  And he has a couple of un-impressive dick pics.  No, thanks.

Finally, there’s J.   J might be interesting.  Mid-50s and can carry on a conversation.  You know, early, early days, but at least he’s fun to talk to.  So far.

But isn’t it curious how there are suddenly 4 people contacting me out of the blue all at one time?  Weird.

Also, I went back at looked at the title of this – ok, “Adventures” might be an exaggeration.  But this can be considered an adventure in my life today.  Lol.

Don’t forget Jz’s cookies and such.  And my real adventure in Very Far Away starts tomorrow.  Woohooo!!

4 thoughts on “Fetlife Adventures

  1. Have fun in Very Far Away. Wishing you could make a side trip here. 🙂 You know, i’m going to be optimistic and put it out there that this isn’t weird-it is the Universe opening up. This is just the preview for coming Adventures and a little gut-trusting exercise. And…um….seriously, have you ever seen an impressive dick pic? i’ve seen two impressive dicks in my life, neither were photoed as it was before we had such amazing technology that was used for showing total strangers your genitals. Heh. Number of times i have taken a photo of my princess pot? Zero. If i like you enough for you to see anything more than flirty, you’d be in my bed, so you don’t need a photo. And certainly not as an introductory statement. If i like you, you get a smile. Maybe with teeth showing. 😀

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    • Thanks jade. I will have fun for sure. I wish I could come see you too!! It could happen.
      You know, it might be the universe happening. I know that happens. Time will tell, right?

      And lol, some dick pics are more impressive than others. These were NOT by any measure. (Haha – pun intended ).

      And yeah. I am not running around flashing pics of my privates either. You crack me up. 💜

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