My house is clean, for the moment.  YAY!!  Ok, no, I didn’t clean it. I paid someone to do it.  That’s ok – the outcome is worth every penny.  Many blessings on people who make a living cleaning houses.


I am caught up on my class!!  Yes.  CAUGHT UP!!  I still have some “extra” material to get through, but I’ve got all the basic readings and assignments done.

AND on Thursday, I leave to visit Monkey in Very-Far-Away!!


Super Exciting!!



6 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Laugh, have fun, do that hugging thing you’re both so inordinately fond of, and TALK COOKIES!
    (I’m sorry… does that make it all about Me? OK, you can talk about some other stuff, too. Just, you know, get some cookies in there, too.)…(please)

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