IT’S TIME for the Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza!!

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date…
THIS post by Jz has been up for days already.   (It’s a reflection of how ridiculous my life is that I”m just now getting started.)  But the post answers my pressing question about how the great cookie exchange got started.  It also explains how the cookie exchange became a holiday exchange, opening it up to all kinds of goodies.  You should go read the post.
BUT the most important information to know is here:
The date for this year’s increasingly inaccurately named
Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza
is Thursday, December 7th.
The deadline to sign up is noon on Tuesday, December 5th. (To allow for time to assemble and distribute the participant list that people will add to their posts.)
The rules for participating are simple:
         On Dec. 7th – post a recipe for any holiday goodie.
That’s it for rules.
         *dusts off hands*
Your recipe doesn’t have to be for a cookie.
Nor do you even need to sign up to join us – you’ll just be doing so in anonymity if you don’t.
To sign up:
         Email me by noon on Dec 5th.
What I need:
         Your screen name and the URL of your blog.
         (OK, I also need your email address but I’ll have that if you email, right?)
                  If I don’t get those 3 things, you won’t make the participant list. 
                  (Sorry, but I’m done with chasing people.)
That’s it, tho’.
An email, three details, and one post… and a whole lotta fun will be yours.
And ours. ;-D

4 thoughts on “IT’S TIME for the Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza!!

  1. i can’t wait to visit and drool. i wont be participating tho. don’t have much by way of recipes to share. and i really don’t know if i have the energy after the last LOL days event.


    • Ha, we don’t mind drooling in the kink world, do we? I don’t have a lot of recipes either – we’ll see what I come up with… But just knowing you’re reading will be enough!


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