Frigging Amazing

It is frigging amazing to me how much spanking stories turn me on.  Just reading this and getting wet, having some shudders of pleasure, JUST from reading it.

Hot Bottom Stories

I know i’ve shared it before – the link to those stories – but they are the best, in my mind.  They hit the right note of everything.

I mean.  This:

“Sol tapped her upper thighs lightly with the cane. “Spread your legs, honey” he told her. Daphne spread her thighs slightly. Sol gave her a light stroke across her upper thighs. “Wider”

“Good girl”

Sol thought Daphne looked beautiful like this, her legs open, her pussy exposed, her bottom presented for punishment.

He lightly brought the cane lightly across Daphne’s bottom, measuring his stroke. Then he raised the cane and brought it whistling down across her upraised buttocks. The cane left a dark red welt over her already reddened cheeks. She took the first few strokes in silence. “Sol was not going make her cry like a little girl being spanked by her daddy”, she told herself. Sol gave every third or forth stroke across the tops of Daphne’s thighs and it hurt so much. She was sorry that she had been a naughty girl and even sorrier that she was getting a spanking. Soon her resolution to keep silent was forgotten and she was crying, the pillow muffling her sobs.”

I remember being a bit shocked when someone told me that spanking was a fetish for me, but omigoodness, yes, it is.

Off to do a little one-handed reading…

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