Someone I know (not through the kink community) posted this article on FB.

Rope Bondage by Lucy Bellwood

It’s a cute little comic style thing covering some basics of bondage.  It made me feel good because it triggered so many memories of a time when I was involved with someone who could do rope bondage and fire play and sooo many things.

It always makes me sad for a minute too, because that was long ago and far away and i really am too old for suspension bondage and I don’t know when my next opportunity for any kind of rope would be.

I think about how lucky I was to experience that.  I remember how lovely it was. And I remember that I wouldn’t have stayed there.  It was a “for a season” relationship and we both needed to move on.

But.  There is apparently a thriving kink community just a couple of hours from Where-i-Live.  And it looks like they do lots of classes and such.  Really.  So there are all kinds of possibilities in the Universe…

AND already this morning i feel like i’ve taken care of all my work responsibilities.  That feels great.  I have house stuff to work on, AND i’m going to the beach this afternoon.


10 thoughts on “Rope

  1. Out of sheer, unadulterated nosiness, tho’…
    Would those classes and possibilities be appealing to you outside of a relationship?
    The answer may well be yes, I get that. It’s just that for me, the relationship triggers the desire for kink, not vice versa. So I always wonder… (And because I know you, I ask.)

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    • Hey, Jz – Good question. For sure, there was a time that I would have said, no, I need the relationship. Now? I don’t know.

      I figure there’s 3 things that could happen. 1. I could go and decide it’s not for me, leaving me no worse off than I am. 2. I could go and just play, maintain my current relationship for everyday. 3. I could go and get involved with someone and have a ton of complications to work out.

      But where I once believed that there was a D/s relationship for me that was the whole package – D/s and daily life and love – I just don’t think I believe that anymore. Shrug.

      So do i want some kind of kink? Hmmmm, yeah, maybe. 🙂

      Thanks for asking – it’s a good question!!


  2. It makes me smile inside to know you are thinking about you and that you went to the sea. I miss being able to visit the sea…the mother of us all. I think that other possibilities exist including making friends in the kink community and having people who understand your needs around you is always good. I still believe in “the whole package” but also can see how many relationships include poly to get everything desired

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    • Thanks, Jade – today, i agree with you. i don’t know that “poly” is going to describe where i’m headed, but maybe. We’ll see. i treasure my friendship with you (and SR, although that doesn’t have the richness or layers of our friendship.) And yeah, the sea helps. When are you two coming to visit?

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