i’m surrounded by people and animals who all want attention and nurturing and care of some sort.  From youngest to oldest, they take turns presenting themselves in need of whatever they need.  Diaper changes.  Conversation.  Redirection.  Hugs.  Laughter.  Carrying.  Encouraging.  Supporting.

I’m exhausted and overwhelmed all the time.

When i’m not responding to them, i’m trying to do my actual what-i-get-paid-to-do work.   And write here.  And maintain friendships.  And take care of the house.

i know it sounds like i’m complaining.  But i’m just talking about what’s going on.  There are lots of rewards and pleasures, from my grandkids and my daughter and MP.  i’m just tired.

i read this in an article today  Trying to hold on to it.

The older a woman is, the deeper access she has to the timeless wisdom of the feminine, to her inner witch, to her priestesshood and her capacity to mother and serve humanity.

2 thoughts on “Surrounded

  1. i don’t think it sounded like you were complaining-at all. i remember a friend of mine who got married and had step teens later in life, older than i am now. She once broke down crying because even though she loved it, there was nothing filling her back up inside, and she didn’t know it would be this hard. i didn’t think she was complaining, either. Some callings in life require that we give away parts of ourselves that we don’t get back. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t need something back that specifically reminds us we are women. That we were girls and women before we mothered, sacrificed, kept filling cups of every kind. That is important for being whole, and for knowing we still remain, are vital, have treasures to visit and revisit inside of us. ❤ Some days, my cup is empty, and i cannot fill it myself. That doesn't negate the moments every day that my heart is so full of love for my Master that it fills me with warmth and reminds me my cup overflows too. And yet, i still need to have times i am just a woman, one who is worthy of passion and attention and joy that isn't about filling up everyone else's cup.

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