Trudging along

I start my mornnigs hopeful and enthusiastic about my productivity durnign the day, my impending sense of accomplishment.  A few hours later, i begin to scale back my expectations.  i decide my to-do list covers the next 2 or 3 days.

Time passes.  Unexpected things happen.  i had something due by 1:00 today.  It was something simple, requiring only the ability to print a document, sign and scan it, nothing more.  i told the person who needed it that i would do it early – about a month ago.

They emailed me about it last week.  I assured them i was on it.

THIS MORNING, after they emailed me AGAIN, i went to Staples to print it.  Oh, but wait – all of the printers were down.  Procrastinator’s worst nightmare.

Not unsurmountable.  But i had gotten TWO more emails reminding me before i actually had it in hand.  Got it done at 12:40 today.  NOT exactly living up to my blithe promise to do it early.

On the other hand, it wasn’t late.  Good enough, I guess.  On to the next project…

One thought on “Trudging along

  1. Sometimes good enough is good enough. Just think about that. You got it in, in time. Maybe not the time you had hoped for…but you’ve had more than a bushel full of shit that needed your time more. Including evacuating. Stop beating yourself up. For real.

    Love and hard hugs…



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