Lunch with Friends

It happened!  I got to meet jade in real life!  AND Sir Raven.

It was pretty amazingly cool.   I felt so comfortable with them, it was like I’d met them before, like we’d had lunch together a bunch of times.

Jade is cute and funny and alternately strokes and pokes Sir Raven in a way that amused me.    Sir Raven was just about as charming as Jade always says she is, which is a whole lot.  She and Jade seem to fit together like puzzle pieces.


Anyhow, it was wonderful meeting them.  Jade brought me some gifts – which made me feel really loved and really bad at the same time because I didn’t bring her gifts so I had to do the guilt – shame  – recovery dance and ended up feeling ok cause after all, I drove 500 miles (round trip) to meet her.

But one of the gifts was a beautiful set of chopsticks.  They are amazing.


I have to admit i cringed a little bit for a second – i have some memories of nipple clamps made from chopsticks and a couple of rubber bands.   Those were seriously ouch-y.  Fortunately, jade explained that these chopsticks were for food and that she’d read they were a good way to practice eating more mindfully.  I breathed a sigh of relief and thought yes, i can definitely do that.

There is probably more to say about the visit, but that will have to wait for another day.


5 thoughts on “Lunch with Friends

  1. Ha ha! i TOLD you that you driving all day to see me WAS the gift. And i felt bad because i misplaced your bag. And then we went back to the room and i immediately realized i also forgot your special tea. Geeze. So i did my own spiral, a little bit. Fortunately, i can mail them to you. 🙂 We agree that it felt like we had had lunch hundreds of times, even SR said so again just now. SR knows a ton of people, but i can count on one hand the number of them that she felt instantly comfortable with, and we are two of the fingers. i was not thinking about your poor nipples, though i do think about you almost every time i go to starbucks, from when that was your meetup place a long long time ago. i know that you love mindfulness and look for ways specific to eating with mindfulness. So, really, that was my thought. Fortunately, i am a weirdo who feels a need to always explain gifts and what i was thinking, because to me that IS the gift and the object is just symbolic of how well i know you and what i was trying to say. i’ve been up since 6am, in classes until 5, and feel like i haven’t slept in several days because i basically haven’t. Seeing you was on my bucket list. SR says you always have a place to stay in nyc. ❤

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  2. Lol, so you were RIGHT!! The journey was the gift.

    And I already told you, you don’t have to mail me anything, but the bag does sound lovely so thank you. And I love the chopsticks – and am glad you weren’t thinking about my poor nipples!! That cracks me up, that you still remember me at Starbucks – of course, I do too, but how great that you’re with me on that memory trip.

    You are not a weirdo and I value gifts with a story or a meaning much more than something that’s important for its material value or because it’s a name brand or some such nonsense. You’re right – the story is what makes it valuable.

    I love that we all felt comfortable with each other. I mean, you and I have actually known each other a long time now, even if it’s not irl, but it pretty cool that SR and I both felt that. Tell her I’m honored by her offer of hospitality, please, and that the same goes for youall here in Savannah. Well, once my daughter leaves anyhow or you’d be sleeping on the floor..

    I hope you got some sleep last night. Hope you classes go well today and that you get everything possible from your experience there, right?

    much love… ❤

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