Lazy Sunday Morning

It’s a beautiful day and I’m just waiting to hear from Jade.  Drinking a latte, chilling. Good times ahead.

Also, chatting with someone on fetlife.  He’s a bit older than i am, which is nice, and married, which i don’t think i care about.  Super casual conversation, but kind of fun.

And for your reading pleasure today, you  might check out this article in Rolling Stones about changes in the Leather Community.

There’s always been a tension in the leather community between the “old guard” and “new guard.” One has always been more conservative and devoted to tradition; the other more experimental and open to change. For decades, the old guard has grumbled about the new guard, until the youngsters age into old-timers who roll their eyes at yet another wave of newcomers.

So it has always been, as in so many subcultures: A cascade of generations, each one rippling from young into old. But in recent years, the leather scene has experienced a rapid expansion, testing its elasticity as it stretches further than ever before. It’s a fundamental shift in the boundaries and values of the community – a shift that, depending on whom you ask, may disintegrate the community, or may be necessary for it to go on.

It feels odd and pleasant to be back here.  ❤

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