The Good News Is…

…there is plenty to worry about, but i don’t actually have to worry about any of it.

i am not really sure i want to have sex with some stranger.  i mean, why can’t Sir just keep being the way he is now?

But i don’t have to worry about it.  We’ll figure it out.  i think.  i just need to flow with it.  This is the lesson today:

“When something difficult happens, you will train yourself to stop saying, “Damn! Why did this have to happen?” and begin saying, “Yes, of course, this is how it is. Let me turn toward it, let me practice with it, let me go beyond entanglement to gratitude.”

Because you will have realized that because you are alive and not dead, because you have a human body and not some other kind of a body, because the world is a physical world and not an ethereal world, and because all of us together as people are the way we are, bad things are going to happen. It’s the most natural, the most normal, the most inevitable thing in the world. It is not a mistake, and it isn’t anyone’s fault. And we can make use of it to drive our gratitude and our compassion deeper.”

7 thoughts on “The Good News Is…

  1. I love your quotes. For me, it is nice to be able to have some positive course of actionable framework to focus on when I haven’t been able to adequately process whatever hard thing is happening. Sometimes quotes like these give me give me that when I just can’t create one myself. Of course I also sometimes focus on the action as a distraction from dealing with the hard stuff, but there are just days when “I just can’t” anything. Hugs.

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  2. Just getting around to reading your posts in the New Year. Glad you are getting the attention you need and deserve and looking forward to reading more, much more! You give me hope as I head off to a long weekend with Master -meeting 1/2 way across the country this time- in a new place- and I hope a weekend filled with romance and laughter.

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  3. Fabulous words… but can I just say that I’m pretty effin’ tired of embracing difficulty?
    I’m a klutz, we stay entangled for a long while… 😉

    But that IS a great quote!

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