Don’t Laugh…

Sir is running a bit amok.  Serious, sustained playtime two days in a row, sudden 24-7 protocols (mild, but still) and ongoing conversation about Sir John, our possible potential play partner.  He has ordered a bunch of toys and things online for me – an outfit of some sort, panties, a “comfortable blindfold” and a hood.  Yes, a hood.  i am a bit disconcerted by that.  Apparently, it has holes for the eyes and mouth.  i told him it would mess up my hair, but he seemed unconcerned about that.  🙂

At some point yesterday, i was a bit overwhelmed, and expressed my concern that at this rate he might burn out sooner rather than later.

He said, “Well, you wanted me to approach it the same way I do work, right?  That’s all I’m doing.”

Which made me laugh, cause really, be careful what you ask for!  No, i’m not complaining, and we did slow down enough last night to just have a long conversation about nothing in particular.  That was a treat.

He is pretty intense, and that’s one of the things that attracted me to him in the first place.  i am a fan of intensity.  i just need to be able to keep his attention, at least some of the time.

There’s a book called Go to the Widow-Maker, by James Jones.  He tells the story of a writer who is vacationing in Jamaica with his girlfriend and becomes obsessed with deep sea fishing.   He essentially abandons his relationship to explore this new interest, leaving her baffled and hurt, struggling to regain his interest.  At the end of the book, he emerges from the obsession and re-engages with the woman he loves.

Anyhow.  Sometimes Sir reminds me of that.

i don’t know where we’re headed, but that’s ok.  We’ll just see where we go.

PS  I just read a synopsis of Go to the Widow-Maker, which puts a different spin on it completely.  That’s just the way i remember it…or the part i took away from it.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Laugh…

  1. You are endlessly interesting, enchanting, beautiful, and smart. To be honest, i can’t imagine why he wouldn’t be obsessed with you. i feel weird saying this a little, because if you happen to be a lesbian straight women feel some strange compunction to tell you they are straight. Like i have to elaborate and say-i’m not flirting with you. Or something. Whatever. You know me by now, and what i’m trying really hard to communicate. Heh. Love you! ❤ Oh….you know….i kept thinking of 'The Storm," when i thought of you having another partner. She came back invigorated too. Frankly, i don't care what he is thinking about to reconnect and honor his commitments-i'm just over the moon glad that he is. You deserve this. You do.

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    • Omg, you are way too kind. No, i know you’re not flirting – no worries. That is so sweet though. Sweet’s not even the right word. I love you too you know, and i’m not flirting either. 🙂


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