Not an Anomaly?

Yesterday, he told me i need to show him more respect, and i should call him Sir when we’re alone.  A couple of weeks ago, i would have felt indignant and scoffed at the idea.  But already it seems quite reasonable.  How quickly this submissive spirit falls into line!  (And that makes me smile.)

So we had playtime again last night, and it makes me wonder why we even need a third person in the picture, but i’m not about to question it.   Let the good times roll.

i think Sir thinks (and don’t you love that?) that i’m excited about having two men, you know, playing with me at the same time.  i’m not really – but maybe he just needs to believe i’m excited about it?  Whatever…  i’m content that we’re reconnecting.

i have exchanged some email messages with Sir John, who seems to be an ok person, so we are going to have coffee or a drink or something with him, probably this coming weekend. i suspect it will seem much more real after that.

i’m feeling pretty good myself, kind of relaxed and well used, more physically present.  Afraid to trust that this will last, but not worrying about it.  Que sera, sera, right?


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