Moving Forward

Sir (formerly known as MP) has taken to heart my suggestion that he put his skills in research and problem solving into our relationship, and i’m reaping the benefits.

i know, i know, i got all excited before and then it fizzled and it hurt so bad.  But vulnerability is the key to happiness, isn’t it?  Or some such nonsense.  Anyhow.  We’re here now.

Instead of just telling him i was going to leave, after that one post i did, i waited until after Xmas.  Then i told him that our relationship wasn’t working for me – that i wasn’t getting my needs met in a couple of ways.  And was clear about what those ways were.  That was when i suggested he put his problem solving skills to work for his own life as much as he does for his employer.

And i guess he did, cause now we’re talking to this guy, Sir John, via email, and talking about meeting up.  It’s different because instead of me sort of attracting a third party, and then having to explain the situation, Sir has been talking to different men on Collarspace and doing the legwork there.

And y’all.  Something about that process wakes him up.  Wakes Sir up.  i’m starting the 2nd day of the New Year having been cuffed and bound and spanked and having had a lovely orgasm.  Spent some time cuddling too, which was also lovely.

i’m trying not to pin my hopes on this lasting, but enjoying it while it does.  We’ll see…



4 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. i don’t know what feeling words match this idea, but i’m holding my breath and crossing my fingers for you at the same time. Waking up inside is incredibly vital, independent of any other factor. ❤


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