“Now,” he says.

i glance up – now, what?  “Sir?” i say.

“Now,” he says, “It’s time for you to come to bed.  It’s almost midnight.”

“Yes – yes, Sir, i am coming, i just need to finish…” but he raises that eyebrow, and i sigh. “Yes, Sir,” closing my laptop as i say it.

“Prepare for a spanking,” he says.

“What?”  i am dismayed – this was not on my agenda!  But that raised eyebrow again, “Yes, Sir…”

i pee and brush my teeth, strip, remembering to put my clothes in the clothes basket (not something i always do.)   i go to the corner, assuming i’ll be waiting a while, but he’s behind me almost before i can take a breath.

“No,” he says.  “On the bed.  Head down, ass up.”

i shiver, but not from cold, i love when he is like this, it’s a little bit scary, and so hot.  “Yes, Sir,” and i move toward the bed.

“Right,” he says, “Here, on the edge of the bed, I want your ass easy to reach.”

In position, ass up, head down, arms stretched out in front of me, i wait.

The hiss of his belt sliding out of the loops sends more shivers through me – i love the belt.  And he rubs my ass before the first blow, dips his fingers into the hot, wetness between my thighs.

“Open,” he says, and i scoot so my legs are further apart, wriggling til his fingers are just a bit deeper.  He lets me rock back on his fingers until he hits that spot, the one that makes me cum faster than anything, and then, of course, he pulls out, i knew he would, and i whimper, becuase it would have been so nice if he’d just let me slide over that top, and omg, just for a moment there, i thought he was going to…

Instead, i feel the caress of leather.  Across my ass, my inner thigh, smooth and cold, until, all at once – the caress is gone and i feel the bite as he strikes, not hitting hard, but sudden and sweet.  i sigh.

Sweet relief.

“More?” he says, and i hear the note of teasing –

“Yes, Sir, please,” i say, “May i have another?”

And he brings the belt down again.  And again.  Hitting above and below the first spot, hitting my upper thighs, hitting again and again til i moan and whimper, the pleasure/pain so sweet.

i sigh, content, knowing i’ll sleep soundly tonight.  Thank you, Sir.

2 thoughts on “Now

  1. Your ability to transport me, convey whole layers of meaning, always impress me. i have no idea how you do it with so few (but perfectly chosen) words. i wouldn’t mind both of those tonight-or any night. It’s been such a long day. sigh.

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