Old Friends

i’ve been running around Blogland (for a few minutes anyhow) and discovering how many old friends are gone.

A Hidden Slave, from so long ago.  i knew she was gone, i just went over to see if , by some wild chance, she was back.  She wasn’t.

Kaya at Under His Hand, so tragically.  i had read a little about her son having been murdered, but then i must have pushed it out of my mind, because i was shocked all over again.

And mouse.  i read The Power Exchange faithfully for so long, and now i go over to see what’s going on, and she’s gone.  Or probably gone.

So many others.  There used to be a blogger named Striving for Peace (SFP) who i dearly loved.   Long gone.

David.  Monkey’s David.  At A View from the Top.  Maybe her post is what started me down this path.

But also – lots of people that i barely remember, honestly.  People who left lingering traces in my mind, like the white streak in the sky that jets make sometimes.   Some guy i met on-line who lived in England, who started a blog for about a minute.   A man that i still see on FB who doesn’t blog anymore, but seems to be living happily ever after.  So many people.

i’m glad that i’m making friends here – making new friends, and seeing some old ones.  i’m not always the best friend – i don’t read any one as faithfully as i once did, and don’t comment as much, but youall are my people and i love you.



19 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. I still have a few bloggers that I read many years ago that I still think about from time to time. Some people are so gifted at letting you inside that you feel a loss without them. You are a lovely friend and I’m so glad you are still here. 💙

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  2. I have noticed so many of the blogs I started reading when I first began searching for “people like me” have fallen away. I guess it is to be expected; life happens that way, but it makes me a little sad. You all have become an important part of my life.
    I never did start a blog, but i am so grateful to those of you who do write and give me a sense of community i wouldn’t otherwise have.

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  3. What I’ve discovered through blogging is a receptive attentive readership that is very respectful of the bloggers posting. It is tight-knit. And given the sexual content, those who post and those who follow develop an intimacy that is absent in other social media.

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    • Yes. The other thing i appreciate about bloggers is that we are a fairly non-judgmental group. There has been an occasional cyber-sh*t-storm, but for the most part, we are respectful of each other. i have sometimes been disappointed that the same isn’t true on fetlife.

      i’m glad to have met you – and look forward to continuing to read your musings. 🙂

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  4. I am relatively new with SubPrincess.com; however, it’s been a true eye opener for me. I actually have 2 sites and have tried to find a good plugin that will simultaneously publish my posts, yet, have subscribed to many sites that are submissive related. I have recently met someone who has opened my eyes to a part of me I never knew existed. It is my hope to develop friendships through reading my blog as well as reading blogs of others. I enjoyed this post as it showed me that there can be a community within a community. My wordpress site is newsubprincess.wordpress.com and then I mentioned the other above. I am open to comments, suggestions … Thank you for writing!

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    • Welcome to the community! i’m glad you’re here. Are you new to D/s? Oh, i guess i should go look at your blog to find out, right? 🙂
      I’ll look forward to getting to know you!


      • Yes, visit subprincess.com – the one I have with WordPress, I eventually want to duplicate from my hosted site; however, the only plugin I found duplicates my posts several times and makes a real mess of my admin area. subprincess.com is more updated. I am very new to D/s and have lots of questions; however, I have a few observations, comments and experiences under my belt too. Really enjoy reading your stuff….

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  5. We are a small little bloggerhood, that’s for sure. Like any neighborhood, folks come and go. Some of us stick around and others drive back by to see the old place when they are in town.You are right though about being each others people, no matter where we go we will always be part of the tribe tribe. ❤

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  6. I’m new as well, not in d/s and not in blogging, but in the two combined! We had life come at us hard and we have went off into Vanilla with a few stripes of flavor. We are finding out way back though and I’m really enjoying reading new blogs I’ve found and knowing I’m not a crazy lunatic and I’m not alone.

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