The Joys of Fet

As y’all may remember, i created a profile for myself on Fetlife.  While not much has been happening there, i did have this (amusing) exchange with someone calling himself “LBL4415.”  i’ve removed my website link from my profile, so i don’t feel bad  laughing about the conversation here, even if it does highlight my mean side.

LBL’s profile consists of a picture of a nice looking man, and his record of having become friends with about 6 women.  His picture actually looks familiar to me, which makes me think he might be someone i talked to on Fet a long time ago, or it’s a stock photo.  But he’s supposedly a 46 year old, living not too far from me, and he messages me this:

LBL:  Would you like to chat sometime?

Figuring he’s a man of  few words, i reply,


LBL:  Do you happen to use yahoo or skype?

Me: (thinking that’s moving pretty quick for someone with nothing on his profile)
Oh, funny, i use Skype for work, but olivia doesn’t have an account. Your profile is about as sparse as it can be, isn’t it?

LBL:  Do you have a pic?

Me:  Lol, yeah, but not to share with you at this point. I don’t think we’re going to be friends. I don’t have any reason to believe your pic is even you. It looks like some generic stock photo. You’ve got nothing on your profile to tell me about you. And you seem mostly interested in getting a look at me. No thanks. Good luck.

LBL:  Whatever. Your pretty much par for the course on here. Basically a waste of time. Probably fat and disgusting anyway. Your definitely old.

And for some reason, that response cracked me up.  “Whatever.”  He sounds like he’s about 12.  Ok, maybe 17.  But seriously, it made me laugh.  “Basically a waste of time,” sounds just like my 20 year old nephew.

Me:  Ha, I am old anyhow. 🙂

That was the end of that, which is fine.  But as i was writing this, i googled his alias and found a picture of someone with the same name, living the same place he says he lives, only this LBL4415 is 50 years old, and (wait for it) not nearly as attractive.


Lol, lol, lol.

6 thoughts on “The Joys of Fet

  1. yeah… I once had someone call me “intellectually challenged” because I would not get into his boat and go out onto the ocean with him… on our first meeting.
    Cyberspace enhances stupidity.
    And bad manners.


  2. Fet is an interesting place, for sure. Lol.

    Jz, why didn’t you go with him?! I mean, what could go wrong while out at sea with someone you don’t know? 😉

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  3. What is this? A site from Olivia… I’m oceanhorizon12345 on FetLife or without the 5′ I enjoy y’all’s comments soooooooo much. I’m a male and feel like I could worship a lady’s body and heart all day or night. Lol ahhhhh this world is twisting , Paul McCartney…. I’m John 45 a life long sufer…. Love all the woman’s words

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