i imagine (11)

{If you’re just starting to read now, here’s the beginning of this story.  After that beginning, it’s all “i imagine” by the numbers.}

We don’t stop at the first dungeon, where i can hear laughter, and a moan, as we pass by.  At the third door on the left, he turns, and i follow.

This room isn’t huge, but it’s big enough for a couple of spanking benches, a St. Andrews cross, a swing, and plenty of large, comfortable looking chairs.  Sir Martin makes his way to one of the chairs and gestures me to the floor in front of him.

“You can get a kneeling stool,” he says.  “I want your mouth to last longer than your knees.”  There’s a stool within arms reach, and i pull it over, settle on it.  i kneel facing him.

He reaches forward and tugs on the punishment tokens on my collar.  “I’ll punish you for these when I take you to your room tonight.  Corner time with nipple clamps and your hands behind your head.  I’ll take them off after the first five minutes and put them back on for five more.”  He smiles sweetly, and i’m diverted from thinking about how much that’s going to hurt.

“After that,” he goes on, “I’ll spank you, but that will be a comfort for you, not punishment.   Tonight is going to be difficult for you, in ways that you don’t expect.  I want you to remember that I’ve planned it for your edification.”  He grins, “Well, my pleasure first, and your edification.”  Then, “You know what that means – right?  When something is designed to be “edifying?”

“i think i do, Sir,” i say, but my voice sounds uncertain, even to me.

He nods.  “Here’s the definition I want you to hold to tonight.  ‘To edify’ means ‘to build up, or instruct, in a way that uplifts.  To enlighten.’   Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” i say, although i’m a bit baffled.

“Good girl.” He strokes my cheek with one hand.  “We’ll start with pleasure.  I’ll teach you how to please me with your mouth.  Are you familiar with the art of cock worship?”

“Yes, Sir,’ i say, with enthusiasm this time.

“Not blow jobs,” he says, “Not just cock-sucking, but cock worship?”

“Yes, Sir,” i say, a bit more uncertainly, but still confident.

“Excellent.” He unzips his pants and pulls his cock out.  i’m glad to see he’s not wearing underwear, which would just get in the way.  It’s a lovely cock, already beginning to get hard. “Open your mouth,” he says.

i open my mouth.  He puts one hand on the back of my collar, grasping a handful of hair and sliding a finger or two through the ring on the collar.  This gives him complete control of my movements.   He guides my head forward until my open mouth is within an inch of his cock – and stops.

i can see his cock, and smell the lovely male, musky odor, and if i put my tongue out, i could actually touch it.  But i know better than to do that.  i wait.

He is stroking his cock with one hand, and i can see he’s getting harder.  i want to touch him, to lick him.  i wait.

“That’s it,” he says.  “Just watch and wait.  Open your mouth a bit more.”  Obediently, i open wider.  “You can breathe on it,” he says.  “Warm breath.  I like that.  Don’t close your mouth.”

So i blow warm air on his cock, wishing he would let me touch him.  Then i remember that obeying him is a way of pleasing him, so i try to let go of my own desire to taste him – even though my mouth seems to have taken on desires of its own.

Maybe he can feel the difference, because he says, “Good girl, now you may put your mouth around the head of my cock, but don’t move.”  And he moves me closer, so my mouth is literally around him, his cock is inside my mouth, but  he holds my head perfectly still.

And then he pulls my head back, pulls his cock back, i whimper, feeling a bit bereft.  “Close your mouth,” he says,  “So tell me, were you able to focus on obedience and pleasing me, or were you thinking about what you wanted to do?”

“Oh!  Oh, Sir.” and i can’t meet his eyes, ‘i, um, i was thinking a lot about how much i wanted to touch you.  i tried to remember that obedience is pleasing you, but yes, Sir, i thought about what i wanted.”

He nodded.  “Not surprising,” he says, “and I appreciate your honesty.  Now, turn sideways here, there you go,” and he scoots and pulls me around, “And now head to the ground, ass up.”  i’m now arranged so that my ass is within easy reach of his right hand.  i hear him pull open a drawer in the little stand next to his chair.

i don’t see what he’s taken from the supply of toys in there.

But i feel it – a sharp whap across my right cheek.  i think it’s the ruler, but it could be a small paddle, i don’t know, and by the third or fourth time it lands, i don’t care.

“Mmmf,” i try to muffle the sound, but i’m crying out each time, and when it lands three times in a row in the same spot, covering my sit spot across both cheeks, i whimper.  He strikes again, four more times, each time across a spot he’s already struck, and i am struggling to hold position when he stops.

“Up,” he says.  “As you were, mouth open. Let’s try again.”

i’m grateful to be up and more than ready to try again.  This time, i manage to keep myself in check.  i still want him, as he holds me poised over his cock, but i’m able to appreciate that he’s letting me be there in the way that he wants.

“Good girl,” he says and i’m thrilled.  “Now for the next step.  This time, you’ll do the same thing – hold your mouth around my cock – until I say ‘begin.’  When I say begin, you may lick the head of my cock until I say stop.  Go ahead, open your mouth and bring it here.”  And he guides my head so that i can carefully place my mouth around his cock.

It seems like a long time again, but i’m patient, finally he says, “Begin.” It is the most wonderful feeling.  His velvety skin under my tongue, the way i can feel his cock begin to get harder.  The taste of him.  Oh.  Oh, yes. Oh –

“Stop,” he says, and he pulls my head back.

i stop.  i don’t want to, but i do.   “Good girl,” he says, and even though i’m feeling bereft, even though my mouth is longing for more, i’m also proud of myself.

We do it again.  And again.  Over and over.  Each time, he lets me go a little longer, lets me do a little more.  But never enough.  Never enough.

His cock is so hard though. So hard, and i can feel the vein at the base throbbing.  i begin to think that this can’t go on forever.  Eventually, he’ll want to cum.  And then – ahhhhh, then i will be there.  Then he’ll let me show him what i can do with my mouth.  How i can please him…

But that’s not what happens.

6 thoughts on “i imagine (11)

  1. Poor olivia! It is enough to make you cry, being so sure you can provide pleasure, but having to stop. i have definitely had that experience. The other thing i was thinking about was when we were learning grounding techniques in a trauma class, and we were given a handful of m and m’s but told to just put one in our mouth and let it melt. *That* was delicious tension too! 🙂 The idea was to carefully notice how much more flavor you can pay attention to by fully experiencing letting the chocolate melt on our tongues. i wonder if cock worship could be grounding in the same kind of way for olivia and i’m wondering if this is what Master Martin has in mind. i love that he tells her enough of what to expect to not have her mind racing forward.

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