Spanking Stories (not mine)

Here’s a treat for you – some lovely spanking stories.  Hot Bottom Stories.  Maybe youall already know all about these stories by Case Wintermute.  i just stumbled on them. And they are – just lovely.

i’m working my  through the male-spanks-female ones, because they are the ones that really do it for me.  They’re super simple, minimal plot, and minimal characterization, and still, somehow, they convey so much.

And they are so-frigging-hot.  i discover i’m having to – um, you know – “relieve some tension” every day.  Which i haven’t done in ages.  Which makes it super clear that i really have a spanking fetish.  No, i mean seriously.  In case you didn’t already know that about me.

The stories have such a nice ritualistic flow.  The same instruments are used in the same order.  The spanked one is expected to hold position without squirming or clenching.  Violations, predictably, lead to extra strokes on the thighs.  The spanked one’s responses are similar across stories, the spanker’s comments are similar.  It has the rhythm of a beloved bedtime story.  Very low key.  Very kind.  Very just- what-i’d-love.

Don’t miss the link to his website, where he describes what he means by “a hard spanking.”  It was as arousing for me as his stories.  i also love that he believes in consensual spanking only.  It’s sad that the latest story is dated 2008 and i can’t find anything past then.

Anyhow.   That’s my Saturday treat for you. Try not to spend all day reading the stories. (Oh, wait, that’s advice i need to hear, not advice i need to give.) But let me know if you like them!

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