And now…

…a word from our sponsor.

Oh, wait a minute, that’s me, at least i’m the only one around.

i’m just thinking it’s time for a real life chat, instead of this fantasy stuff. Back in the real world, life is not half bad.  i’m about to try a new strategy to address my compulsive eating, so that’s kind of exciting.

“What strategy?” you ask.

Well, when i decided not to smoke cigarettes anymore, a friend told me about licorice root stick.  It is, literally, twigs that you chew on.


Licorice root is supposed to reduce cravings – for nicotine, I guess.  You can buy it in liquid form and just put it on your tongue if you’re working on not smoking. But the beauty of the sticks is that it gives you something to do with your hands and mouth, which is so important when you’re first not-smoking.

Anyhow, i need to do something to reduce that restless longing that sends me to the refrigerator and cabinets, looking for “something good to eat.”  Smoking cigarettes again is not really an option – not til i’m 70 or 75 years old anyhow.  So i’m going to try licorice root sticks.

I’ve had some trouble finding it.  The one store i used to buy it from didn’t have it.   i started to buy it on-line, but then i remembered another place that has it – a little hippie-like store, owned by this super artistic, Rastafarian kind of man, who i have, in the past, felt some physical attraction to.  Which might have been some mutual attraction.

But when i ran by there yesterday, the store wasn’t open yet.  And then the first store called and told me they’d found some and i could come pick it up.  So i guess i won’t tempt fate.

And it occurs to me, as i write this, that theoretically i could be telling MP this instead of writing it here.  i could, literally, just tell him about the search for the licorice root stick and how i almost went to the store that’s owned by this man that i’m maybe a little bit attracted to.

i have no idea what he’d say.

And, for what it’s worth, no, he hasn’t given me my toys back yet. i guess i’ll have to ask again.

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