I imagine (3)

i hear the door open behind me, but still i wait.  i breathe and let the discomfort roll through me and away.  This is where i’m supposed to be, and the way i’m supposed to wait.  There is no need to feel embarrassed.

“This is Olivia.”  It’s David’s voice.

“Very nice.”  A voice i don’t know, maybe the stranger’s? What did they say his name is – Martin?  i can’t help it, my face gets hot thinking about the possibility that he’s behind me.  Then –

“Kneel up.”  It’s David again, and i raise my head from the ground, lift my body.  “Now turn around, please.”

Easier said than done without getting up, but i’ve had some practice at this, and turn to face them, still kneeling.  My eyes are downcast, but a quick sneak peek confirms that it’s the new guy who’s with David.  i wonder if he’s being offered his choice of submissives, or if i’ve been given to him.

David’s voice slashes through my thoughts, “Your cuffs?  And your training collar.  Where are they?”

Damn, damn, damn.  i had forgotten that Jon’s not here.  i should have retrieved the cuffs and collar from the drawer and fastened them on myself.  i stutter, “i – i’m – i’m so sorry, Mister David, i forgot.”

“Well.  This is a great way to make a good impression on the new Dominant.” David’s voice is still sharp, but i know that he’s too kind to really be angry.

“Yes, Sir, i’m really sorry, i just wasn’t thinking.”  My voice is trembling a bit.

“So get them now, please.  Quickly.”  The drawer is to my left, i can reach out my hand and open it, pull the collar and cuffs out easily.   Having retrieved them, i place them on open palms, extend both hands up toward David.  He jerks his head in the direction of Sir Martin, and i shift so i am offering them to him.

His look is appraising and i blush again, knowing that i’ve fallen short.  But, “You offer them nicely,” he says, and his voice is lovely.  Deep, a bit husky, his voice is like a caress.

“Thank you, Sir,” i say, bowing my head a bit.  With my arms extended, the collar and cuffs set is already getting heavy, but i would take a lot of discomfort to please a man with this voice.   He takes a step toward me.  i’m acutely aware of his legs.  He’s wearing jeans, and i can imagine wrapping my arms around those legs, the feeling of the material rubbing against my nipples.

“My name is Martin” he says, his voice drawing my attention away from his legs.  “Sir Martin to you.  I’m new here, but I’ve been in the lifestyle a long time, and the people here trust me and have vouched for me.  I’d like to put the cuffs and the training collar on you.  But if I do, I’ll own you this weekend.

“I’ll expect you to obey me.  To obey quickly and with a loving spirit.  I’m asking for your consent to that before we move forward.”

My heart leaps – and my pussy throbs.  i’ve not been approached this way before – not here anyhow.  i can barely breathe, barely push the words past my lips.  “Yes, yes, please, Sir.”

He takes the collar and cuffs from me then; quickly attaches the bracelets to my wrists as i kneel there with my arms extended.  He has me stand and put my foot on the chair so he can do my ankles, first one, then the other, and each time he nudges my knee with his shoulder  to splay me open to his view.  i know that i’m incredibly wet and am sure he can see and smell my arousal.

i offer my neck, and he moves in close to fasten the collar.  His shirt brushes my nipples, which are already hard, and i whimper. Not wanting to make any sound, i bite my lip.  His lip curve up in a small smile though, and i know that he knows the effect he’s having on me.  He steps back, and i shiver, from the cool air, from the electrical connection between us.

David hands him something.  i already know what it is, i expected this, but it still makes me gasp, just a bit, and tears well up.  It is a plastic clip, the marker for punishment owed.  They come in small sizes and cute little colors, like these –


and there are larger ones, like this:


Sir Martin has two, a small light blue one, and a larger one.  He holds them both in one hand, balancing them on his palm.  He looks from me to David.  “So if I understand this correctly,” Sir Martin says, “this clip is attached to the submissive’s collar when she is to be punished for some infraction of the rules.  The clip let other people know she’s offended in some way, and  reminds both her and her Dominant that she’s to be punished.”

David nods, “Yes, that’s right.  It’s a simple system.  Size of the clip and placement on the collar signal the level of infraction and the severity of punishment.”  He gestures for me to step forward, grasps my collar firmly.

Still addressing Martin, he says, “You see, the collar has 4 rings embedded in it.  The front one is generally used for a leash or to attach her to something.  The ring in the back is also handy for attaching her to a hook or chain anywhere, and will keep her fairly immobile.  Punishment clips go on either side of the collar.  A small clip attached to the hook on her right side would be a small infraction and a light punishment.  The same clip attached to the hook on the left would still be a small infraction, but a heavier punishment.  Bigger clip on the right means a more serious infraction, while a big clip on the left side would mean she’s in big trouble.  Does that make sense?”

“It does,” Sir Martin says, nodding.  “Is her forgetfulness considered a small or large infraction?”

“It’s really up to you,” David says, “But she has been coming with her partner, Jon, the last few times, and he’s been putting them on for her, so it’s not surprising that she forgot.  On the other hand, I know some Masters prefer to start out a bit harsh with a new girl. It’s completely your call.”

David nods again.  Then, watching my face, he says, “What do you think, girl?  By your standards, was this a small infraction, or large?  And where shall I hang this clip?”


7 thoughts on “I imagine (3)

  1. You could be a Domme Olivia, if it was in your nature. You know all the tricks.

    David used to employ that infernal, “What do you think?” strategy. Perfect economy of Domination, accomplishes three things with one question. Elicits feelings of embarrassment or humiliation, lets them learn a bit more about us when we are under pressure, and last but not the least (for me anyway), cause the sub to almost welcome the punishment in his/her (my) mad rush to relieve the ignominy of the faux pas.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That made me laugh, monkey – i could be a Domme! Well, not really, but yes – maybe i could do the Domme training school.

      i love your breakdown of what that kind of strategy does to the submissive. i totally agree!! That is what’s so lovely about them. 🙂


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