Training – Part I

“But – what kind of training school is it?” i ask, naively, i realize now.

“For submissives, of course,” he says, smiling at me, one hand fisted in my hair.  “I would want you to go on Friday afternoon, after work, and stay the weekend -well, through Monday really, since it’s a three day weekend.”

“But -” i’m hesitant – “Would you be there too?  What would it be like?”

He smiles again, one hand moving to a nipple, pinching gently.  “I’d be there part of the time,” he says, “And you’ll have to wait and see what it’s like.  No fair telling you ahead of time.”

i’m distracted by the fingers on my nipple, rolling it back and forth, making it harder, tugging on it til i make a little sound, something between a gasp and a whimper.  “Tell me when it hurts,” he says, pinching harder til i cry out, “Now! Oh, now!” and then he pinches harder, just for a minute, til my eyes close and i cry out, and then he lets go.

My nipple aches but his fingers, probing between my legs now, confirm what i’d thought.  i am wet, incredibly wet.

“Good girl,” he says.  “I’d really like for you to do the training school, but it’s ok if you don’t want to.  You don’t have to, of course,” he says.


That Friday afternoon, we are ushered into the living room of what appears to be a perfectly ordinary house.  Out in the country, isolated just a bit, but with lovely grounds around it.  There is a long drive leading to the house, and the yard is dotted with trees; i notice hickory, birch and willow, along with some other types i’ve never seen before.  Flowers bloom, welcoming us as we get closer to the house.

The living room is quite comfortable, warm and cozy.  A fire is burning, since in the late afternoon it begins to get cool now.   There is a desk, but no one there – we are a few minutes early and the woman, a housekeeper i guess, has let us in and then left us here to wait.

i expected to sit down, but my lover, my Sir, has remained standing and pulled me close to him, caressing my breasts gently.  i am a little bit uncomfortable, afraid that someone will come in and catch us, but when i pull away a bit, he laughs and pulls me closer to him.  “I want your panties,” he says.


“Your panties.”  One hand strokes my face, the other pats my bottom.  “Take them off and give them to me.”

i laugh, nervously, “But i can’t – i mean – what if he comes in?”

His hand goes to my hair, at the nape of my neck, wrapping it round his fist .  “Don’t worry about that,” he says.  “Do as you’re told.”  As i begin awkwardly to reach under my skirt, trying to take my panties off without exposing myself, he adds, “This is why you’re here.  By the end of the weekend, I expect you’ll be much quicker to obey.”

A wave of shame rushes over me, i had not realized that i was not good enough, but he senses it and says, “No, you’re a good girl, and I know you want to please me.  You do please me.  But it’s like anything.  Training will enhance that natural skill you have, increase your awareness of your submission, and make you even lovelier and more pleasing than you are now.”

His words soothe me, but even more soothing is his thumb, which he lays on my lower lip, pulling the lip down so i instinctively take his thumb into my mouth.  Sucking gently, caressing him with my tongue, any anxiety i have is somehow assuaged.

i have succeeded in getting my panties off and he takes them from me with his other hand, puts them in his pocket.  “Good girl,” he says.  “Now I’ll have your bra.”

i am startled, not sure how he expects me to take it off.  i’m getting ready to try to unfasten it in the back, slip the straps down, and pull it off that way, but he stops me.  The dress i’m wearing is a simple knit material and it crosses over creating an open v-neck in the front.  He pulls the dress off my shoulders easily, pulling it completely down til i’m exposed to the waist.

“Oh!” i say, about to protest, but “Shhhh,” he says, unhooking my bra in the back and removing it gently.  His hands stroke my skin and i freeze, mesmerized by his touch.

So i am standing there, naked except for the skirt of my dress, when i hear a deep voice behind me say, “Good evening, and welcome.”

Gasping, i start to raise my arms to cover my self, but Sir stops me, capturing a wrist in each hand he pulls them behind my back.  He can easily hold both wrists with one hand, and with the other hand, he turns me so i am facing the stranger, arms pinned behind me, thrusting my breasts forward.

i am blushing, but the stranger hardly seems to glance at me.  “Michael!” he says.  “It’s good to see you!”

“Joseph – it’s been a long time!”  And they begin to talk, chatting about how long it’s been and how’s business, as if i were not standing there.  Except that while they’re doing that, this stranger hands my Sir a leather cuff, which Sir attaches to one wrist.  The stranger – who i will quickly learn to call Sir Joseph, holds the other wrist firmly until both cuffs are attached, and then fastened together behind my back.

My Sir positions me so i’m standing straight, facing away from him, and then, still talking casually to Sir Joseph, he pinches each of my nipples until they are hard and fully extended.  i am so embarrassed i could die, but with my hands pinned behind me, any escape seems impossible. And besides which, i’m getting more aroused with each touch.  i’m not completely sure that i would leave if i could.

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