Just for fun…

You can find the whole story here, but i had to share these:


Yep.  They’re CTHULHU DILDOS.  Just what you’ve always wanted, right?  {Walks away laughing…}  But they cost between $125 to $175 dollars, so i’m thinking the sellers may get the last laugh…

Seriously, though, or semi-seriously, does that appeal to you???  Would you buy one if you could afford?  And could you really use it, or would you just leave it on the bedside table?

8 thoughts on “Just for fun…

  1. Good Lord, NO!
    I realize our friend will undoubtedly swoon, but just… no.
    Ugly, not my fantasy, and waaaay too much money.
    (I should qualify that “ugly” – because they *are* very nicely done… they just make me go “ugh(ly)”)


    • Lol, i’m pretty much with you there. i could not bring myself to use one of those, i mean i guess it wouldn’t be a hard limit if someone wanted me to, but omg. i can’t quit laughing. And yes, i think our friends is probably loving it.


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