Goals – the next day

i wake up early.  i lie there for a minute, trying to remember what’s different today.  Then it comes to me – oh.  Yes.  Oh.

I want to go to the bathroom, but i can barely get out of bed.  One ankle and one wrist are attached to the bed.  i could untie myself, theoretically, but i would not want the consequences of doing that without permission.  And theoretically, i could stand up, but i don’t want to take the chance of ending up on the floor on my ass.

“Hello?”  i call out, knowing that the video camera and the monitor are on, someone can hear me, but that’s no guarantee that they’ll answer.  “I need to – um, i need to pee.  Please.”

There is silence for a long moment.  Then The Voice – the disembodied voice of the monitor – says, “You may untie your wrist and use the pot at the end of the bed.  If you want to, your choice.”

i sigh.  Fuck.  i don’t want to use the pot.  i have to squat. They’ll watch me.  i hate that.  But if i don’t, they’re liable to leave me here til i have to do it, just to teach me a lesson.  Fine.

i roll over enough to use my right hand to take the rope off my left wrist.  i sit up, the rope on my ankle looks long enough to stand up easily, so i scoot to the side of the bed, put my right foot to the floor and let the left follow.  Yep, piece of cake.  And there’s the pot, right there in easy reach.  AND toilet paper.  It is clearly my lucky day.

i finish and am trying to decide what to do with the toilet paper when The Voice says, “Go ahead and unfasten your ankle now.  You can empty the pot yourself.”

Annoyed, but trying not to show it, i set myself free, carry the pot carefully to the bathroom, where i empty and wash it as i’ve been taught to do.  “Good girl!” and i could swear The Voice is laughing at me.

It is my master who opens the door, he walks in as if this is just another day.  “Good morning,” he says, kissing my mouth and pinching one nipple at the same time.  i’m delighted, despite myself.

“Kneel,” he says, just as casually as he’d said good morning.  The change of pace throws me, but just for a second.  Quickly, i kneel.

“Today, all of your activities will be monitored.  It will be a day of punishment, a day of self-improvement, and I hope it will be a day that you make progress on your goals.  I’ve scheduled you for body buffing today, you’ll be inspected tonight.  Is that clear?”

My mind is cloudy, this is a lot to take in, but i answer, “Yes, Master,” quickly.

He smiles then, and my heart beats faster – i know, that’s silly, but it does.  He reaches down to stroke my cheek.  “You are a good girl, you know,” he says.  “And I know you’ll do well today.  Make me proud.  I’ll see you tonight.”

“Yes, Master,” i say, and this time i say it knowing that i will do whatever tasks he’s assigned me today, with pleasure.  Ok, maybe not all with pleasure, but whole-heartedly.

He reaches down, offers me his hand to help me to my feet.  “Come here,” he says, “come bend over the spanking bench.  I’ll give you the first spanking of the day myself.  Yes, right here.”

i admit, i’m pleased he’s doing it himself, and i hope there’ll be an orgasm at the end of it too.  So i drape myself over the spanking bench, offering my ass quite willingly.

Five licks with the paddle later, i am rubbing my ass and resigned to a day with no orgasms.  My Master kisses me again, pinching both nipples this time, hard.  “Bye, baby,” he says.  “No orgasms, don’t forget.”  And he’s gone.

He has barely left the room when Jamie comes in.  She’s a trainer, and i assume she’s going to be in charge today.

“Hey,” she says, friendly enough.

“Hi,” i’m not sure whether to relax or be more anxious when she’s being this nice.

“Ready?  Have you showered yet?”  i shake my head, no, and she says, glancing at her phone, “That’s ok.  I see your Master gave you 5 with the paddle, but you have another 10 coming.  Back over the bench please.”

i am not nearly as enthusiastic this time, but not stupid either.  Obediently, back over the bench i go.  The paddle hurts like a mother, and Jamie is no slacker.  i am almost crying by the time she’s done.  But i can feel myself opening, my willingness to obey increasing every time the paddle lands on my ass.

“Ok,” she says with a sigh, as if this has been tougher on her than on me.  “Let me look at your schedule.  You’ve got exercise class next.  Get me your leash, we don’t want to be  late.”

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