On your knees

“On your knees,” he says.

i do it quickly.  There has been talk lately of a training school, an idea that alternately excites and terrifies me – or maybe that’s the same thing.  But the thought inspires me to quick obedience.

Besides, i love to kneel at his feet.

He is naked under his robe, his cock in hand, already half erect.  “Closer,” he says impatiently, and i move forward, on my knees, til i am nestled between his thighs.  “Shall I let you suck my cock first?  Or should I let you feel my belt on your ass first?  Or maybe the ruler slapping your cunt is what you’re craving first tonight.”

I know those are not questions for me to answer.  i wait.  Wait and shiver with anticipation, any of those would be fine with me.  All of them would be a rare treat.  And there’s no guarantee that he won’t spank my pussy and leave me longing to taste his cock.

“Open your mouth,” he says.  i obey, opening it wide enough that it could take his cock if he chooses to put it in my mouth.

“Hover,” he says.

i lean forward, placing my mouth directly over his cock, just barely above the head, without allowing my lips to touch it.  Mouth open, poised, waiting for the next command.  He strokes himself a moment, and i feel my pussy throbbing.  i want so badly to taste him.

i think it’s crazy that i feel this way – what is it about being made to wait that drives me wild?  i don’t know, but he’s a Master of dragging it out, making me suffer.

“Put your tongue out,” he says.

He rests his cock on my tongue, but “Don’t move,” he says.  i can smell him, see a tiny drop of pre-cum on the head of his cock if i look cross-eyed down at it.  i can see the veins begin to throb and think that he won’t be able to wait much longer –

– when he suddenly pulls it back.  “No.  Not yet.  Rock back and present your pussy.”

It is not an easy position change, shifting from kneeling back on my heels to lying on my back with my knees pulled apart and up to my chest.  But i manage it not too badly, i think.

He pinches my pussy lips, “Look how wet you are!” he says.  i flush, my face and neck turning red.  i can see that he has the ruler in hand and i brace myself for what is coming.

The first whacks are gentle.  Right between my legs at first, landing sharply, then alternating – inside one thigh then the other.  i begin to squirm, but he laughs, “Hold still, girl, it hasn’t begun to hurt yet.”

And then it begins to feel good, i can feel the tension rising, and i know that i could cum.  Right now, i could cum from him whacking me with that damn ruler.  He must know it too, cause he stops.  Leaving me whimpering now from the loss of pain.

“Hush,” he says, “Bring that mouth up here so I can fuck it.”

Happily i kneel in front of him again.

“Open,” he says.


“Now take it.”  And with his hand on the back of my head, he pushes me down so his cock is buried deep in my throat, making me gag.  Before i can adjust to the assault, he pulls back, lifting my head off him, then pushes me back down.  i struggle to relax my throat, wanting to take him all.

He holds my head steady, pushes himself against the back of my throat, fucking my mouth while tears stream down my face.  “There you go, good girl,” he says.

And i am content.


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