Stop that

“Stop that,” he says.

“What?”  i look innocent, sound innocent, but i totally know what he’s talking about.

“THAT,” he says, taking my phone out of my hand.  “You have been on there for at least an hour now.  Are you doing anything besides Facebook?”

“Um, actually, um, no, no, Sir. ”

“I thought you were going to the park?  It’s a beautiful day.  Thought you were going to go walking.   Are you planning to wait til it gets dark?”

i’m still half-laughing, “No, no, Sir, I’m going right now.  Can i – can i have my phone back?”

“Sure,” he says, “I’ve blocked Facebook for the next 3 hours.  Go enjoy the park.”

“Sirrr,” i say, dragging the word, just a hint of a whine, “Seriously? ”

And that was one step too far over the line, he moves so quickly when he wants to, and he is behind me, with one hand he pulls my right arm behind my back, his other hand is fisted in my hair.  “Yes,” he says, very close to my ear.  “Yes, seriously, I’m blocking Facebook.  For 3 hours.  Do you want to make it 5 hours?”

“No, No, Sir.”  i’m not smiling now.  My stomach has dropped, and i’m feeling much more obedient.  “No, Sir, 3 hours is just right.”

“I thought it was,” he says.  “Do you want 5 with the cane now or when you get back?” But before I can answer – and how could I decide? – he says, “No, my choice, not now, when you get back.  I want to take my time.  You go walk.”

He releases me and i’m trembling, with anxiety, but my nipples are hard and the heat between my legs is fierce.  i want him.  I would prefer now.

He swats my ass, not so gently, “Go,” he says.  “I’ll be here when you get back.”




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