Don’t Do It Again

“Don’t do it again,” he says, and the gleam in his eyes says he means it.

i’m laughing, but a little anxious, watching him closely.  He is walking around me again, and i have to resist the temptation to turn.  Not to turn my body, nor my head, to follow his movement.  He slaps the belt against his leg, moving slowly, then quickly.. around me all the way.

He stops, caresses my nipples with the belt.  Taps them lightly.  i whimper just a bit, more pleasure than pain.  He starts to move around me again.

He’s tied me loosely on purpose, i know that.  It’s almost like he wants ~~

“Ah!!”  i cry out – the belt biting into the back of my thighs.  His hands caress my back, then one finger tracing my spine all the way down, making me shudder.

The same hand, lifted, slaps down hard on my ass, stinging.  i moan.

He doesn’t care if i make noise, i can scream and cry, moan and whimper, he is not moved by that.  My arms raised, cuffs attached to the chain that dangles from the ceiling, i could easily turn, shift, try to move away.  i am forbidden to twist away, to try to escape the blows.

That’s a challenge, but i’m well trained and the pain is not severe.  No, the part i struggle with is not looking over my shoulder.

i know that behind me is a little table, with all kind of tools attached.  Crops and switches, vibrators and dildos, a violet wand.  Paddles and canes, a wartenburg wheel, and a variety of butt plugs.  i never know what is coming next – pleasure or pain, or some combination of the two.

The temptation to look is almost overwhelming.  Particularly now, when i can’t hear what he’s doing and time is passing and ~

“Ohhhh!” it takes my breath away, i don’t know what it is, but it whistles through the air and leaves a swath of burning pain across my ass.  “Oh!” i am shuddering still.

He laughs, his fingers probing between my thighs.  “Pain turns you on, doesn’t it?”  And i can’t deny the heat between my legs, my cunt as hot as the welp on my ass.

And then, his fingers still stroking inside me, his other hand raining a series of slaps on my ass, until i think i’m going to cum and, “Please, please Sir,” i say – but he pulls both hands away, stopping as suddenly as he had started.

“No.  No orgasms for you.  Not yet.  Maybe not today.”  i whimper – i was soooo close.

“What next? What shall i use next, little one?  How about – yes, I think thissss”

And i almost do it, i almost turn to look, my head might even have moved ~ but i stop myself, just in time – and the thing – the whatever it is this time, a ruler maybe – catches me from beneath, right on my sit spot, raising me on my toes for a second, taking my breath away.

“Good girl,” he says.  “Good girl,” you didn’t look.  Let’s see if you can cum while i use this leather paddle on you.  Let me see, if i put the Hitachi right here” ~ and his arm comes around the front of me as he presses it between my legs, not yet on, but right there ~ “and I use the paddle here,” tapping my ass with the other hand, “what do you think?  No – wait – there’s no question that you’ll cum.  The only question is how long it’ll take you.  And can you hold out til I give permission.  Do you think you can wait til I say you can?”

And the massager begins to whir, just as the paddle lands on my ass, making me jump.  i am so distracted, so aware of the pleasure and the thud of the paddle – i can’t even think.

“Well?” he asks.  “Do you think you can?” But the paddle lands again, and the throbbing between my thighs is stronger, and all i can say is, “oh, um, um, oh!” as the paddle lands again.  And again.


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