Check-in April 17

Today, i will be finishing my taxes.  Well, finishing the necessary forms to file them that is.  This is the latest I’ve been in a long time.

I was thinking the week had been a dismal failure, and then i remembered about the goals i set.  i thought that was a week ago, but it was actually two weeks ago.  Here they are:

  • Use the stay-focused apps at least 2 hours at least 4 days
  • Eat 2-3 meals and no more than one small snack daily
  • Exercise formally at least 3 days
  • Spend 45-60 minutes being active at least 3 days
  • Work on/ maybe finish taxes
  • Do one blog post for one of my other blogs

Nope, i didn’t achieve any of those goals.  Except for working on my taxes, and i just really started that yesterday.  I did get some stuff accomplished, but it didn’t have anything to do with those goals.

And – this is funny – I thought the guy that started a conversation with me on Fet had ghosted on me.  We had a few quick email exchanges, including pictures, and then he disappeared for the rest of the day.

So i thought i was maybe not as sexy as he’d hoped and not as eager to dive into getting something started as he was.  (But then he was not as sexy as i’d hoped and a little more eager to get started than i am.)  He went from”I wish we were holding hands walking on the beach together” to “gone” in a quick minute.

I was kind of relieved, so it was a good reminder to me that i am not clear about what i want anyhow.  But he popped back up sometime during the night, wanting to know when i had free time.  Turns out maybe he’s just not big on conversation.

i think he’s a swinger, not a Dom.  Which is fine, but not what i’m looking for.  And when he asked me if sneaking around didn’t make it more fun, all i could think was NOOOOOOO.  No, i don’t think it does.  And you know, for real, i never have free time anyhow.

So it’s good to have that back in a reasonable perspective.

In other news – wait, do i have other news?  Maybe not.  Maybe i just need to get to work on my stupid taxes.



2 thoughts on “Check-in April 17

  1. I often find that “accomplish one thing today” (or whatever number) works best for me as a goal. That way, I’m not setting myself up for failure before I can even start to establish the habit.
    Of course, you and I are very different people so that might not work for you. Just a thought.
    (And, btw, can you hear me screaming, “HELL TO THE NO!” over here about getting involved with someone who thinks sneaking is fun? If not, let me know. I’ll yell louder! ;-p)


    • Thanks, Jz, that’s probably good advice, and might work better for me. I seem to be embracing the opportunity for failure these days, but maybe it would be better to be a bit more realistic.

      And yeah, I can hear the hell, no, all the way down here in this Southern state. Lol, i agree.

      Thanks for commenting too!! ❤


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